Capt. Obvious

He’s not only selling on TV, but he’s in the White House. Given the shenanigans of dour California Rep. Devin Nunes of late, isn’t it obvious that trump is hiding something about Russia? What could it be? Without facts, we can only guess. Is it about trump peeing the bed in Russia, or the hookers that Putin provided him peeing on trump, or, or, or? What about trump’s business deals. Does he owe Putin money? Does trump plan to unite with Putin and the two of them rule the world? What about China? Will they invite China to be part of the triumvirate? So many possibilities, so little time until trump is impeached for treason.

Repeal, Replace, Repent!

That fraud in the White House, that so-called president keeps finding new depths of absurdity. The latest is his reaction to his failure to shepherd his signature campaign promise through a house committee. He says congress is the loser, Democrats are the loser, Chuck Schumer is the loser, Nancy Pelosi is the loser; everybody’s a loser except the loser-in-chief himself. The man has no inner life. He lives apart from his own being. It’s truly amazing. We saw some losers this past weekend in the NCAA tourney. Xavier lost, Kentucky lost; I didn’t see a locker room report about Xavier but two players on Kentucky were crying their eyes out with bitter disappointment. But, the players that lost

Buyer's Remorse

I heard things. I don’t know if it’s true, but a lot of people think it is. I heard from different people, people who should know, that the good folks who voted for trump are having second thoughts. It’s probably fake news. I mean, look, there’s always an enthusiastic crowd behind him at his Nuremberg-style rallies, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I heard his support is a mile wide and an inch deep. People show up only because he’s a celebrity more than a president. Just sayin’. Is it true? Experts I listen to say it is. If it is, it’s, you know. Sad.

Better Late Than Never

Successful memorial cartoons for notable folks have a lot to do with timing. The sooner I publish the cartoon upon learning of the death, the bigger impact it will have. Chuck Berry died last Saturday, and I was a fan, but my head was stuck in math world doing my income taxes. My wife and I are very good at keeping receipts, but not so good at organizing them. We do the same thing every year; basically throwing them into a barrel and then, come tax time, sorting through and categorizing them into to different barrels. Every year, I suggest we do it monthly and then every year, we don’t. So, anyway, our system makes tax time intense, distracting and nerve-wracking, but, it’s done.

Sounds About Right

The image of the giant screw is a time-honored metaphor in the editorial cartoon biz. So far, it looks like the people who voted for trump will be the most screwed. The people who didn’t vote for him are screwed too, but that’s to be expected. The people who voted for him may take it personally, and they should. The GOP is a cold-ass party. Nothing they like better than to stick it to the little guy and nothing the little guy likes better than to be screwed by a candidate who hates liberals and freedom of choice. That candidate knows what to say to make the little guy vote against his own best interests. Make American great again. How, by throwing the little guy under the bus? Sure, it’s t

All The News That Makes You Puke

Breitbart News has the explanation of how Pres. Obama was able to spy on poor donny (“Shut the fuck up, Donny”-The Big Labowski) trump. Obama didn’t use the United States spy services. He used GCHQ, the British spy agency. How come nobody in the mainstream media has reported this? Breitbart quotes Fox News Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano as the source of this information. His Tweet: “Three intel sources have disclosed that Pres. Obama turned to British spies to get surveillance on trump.” Who are the sources? In journalism, this is called a blind source, or an anonymous source. You can use it to say anything you like. “Three sources have disclosed that the last year trump paid inc

It Takes A Village

My wife gave me the basic idea for this cartoon. She gave me the caption and I came up with the art. She’s given me many great gags over the years. I mean, let’s face it. I don’t want to work any harder than necessary. People give me cartoon ideas when they don’t know they’re doing it. They might say something in conversation that sparks a cartoon idea. On the other hand, when they actually offer a gag, it isn’t usable and the description usually ends with, “...well, you’re the cartoonist. You can figure out the rest.” I got an offer the other day from a lobbyist who wanted me to do a custom editorial cartoon for one of his clients. A businessman would consider that a reasonable request. A

Can't Fix Stupid

Generally, I don’t like to call men stupid when it comes to comparing them with women because it gives the men an easy out. By the same token, to say women are smarter than men gives men an excuse for their ugly behavior. Let’s just say that men and women are equally smart, but men are less sensitive, more thoughtless, violent and less considerate of other people’s feelings than women. Sometimes I read a story that makes me embarrassed to be a man. The latest assault comes from the United States Marine Corp. Here’s the story: In other words, some male Marines are betraying the very same women who wil

Out Of Uniform

What’s wrong with this picture? In fact, after a search of images on Google, I noticed something wrong in every photo taken during Jeff Sessions’s hearings. There is something missing that all Republicans are required to wear. In fact, all politicians in America are required to wear it. Pres. Obama wasn’t wearing one during his 2007 campaign for the White House because it felt like phony patriotism to him. The morning show Fox & Phony Friends jumped all over him, but I haven’t heard a peep about Sessions (and yes, I’m watching Fox now.) What’s missing? An American flag pin on his chest. I started to add one in my cartoon today when I noticed it. He wasn’t wearing one at his hearings. There

Who Was That Man?

Wednesday’s New York Times fact checking experts have revealed that trump has changed his tactics in his address to Congress Tuesday night. Instead of telling big fat whopper lies, he’s reverting to the time-honored standard of small lies and half-truths favored by most traditional politicians. This is progress, but will it hold? Time will tell. This is, after all, trump. Obviously, I’m not ready to capitalize the president’s name, nor am I willing to say his name in the same sentence with the word “president,” but I feel a little less embarrassed to be an American. This is all better, but the bar has been set so low. I listen to a politician’s words with interest, but I don’t believe them.

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