Fake Day

Demon scientists claim that the Earth is over four billion years old, but good fundamentalist, charismatic, evangelical, born-again conservative tea party Christians know better. The earth is only 6 to 10,000 years old from the day God rested, or more precisely, the day before God rested. The Earth was done on Saturday and He (and God is a man. We all know that) took Sunday off, so technically, the Earth was done on Saturday. He probably worked overtime Saturday night to fine-tune His creation, cancelling His dinner plans. He certainly was tired of eating alone and wanted to start creating Adam and Eve on Monday so he could toy with their intellect and then punish them when they challenged

Facebook Foe

I don’t know what Facebook can do to stop the posting of hate crimes and bullying on its website, but one thing it can do is stop with the corporate-speak concerns. “Thoughts and prayers” has become a cliché in this era of random murders and mass killings. Those shallow sentiments are not enough anymore. Solve your problem, Facebook. Maybe it means hiring more monitors. It seems to me that the founders of Facebook thought they were creating a utility, much like the sewers and gas company, and had no responsibility with content.They’re wrong. They’re publishers and have all the responsibilities publishers have. I hadn’t planned to draw this cartoon until I heard Mark Zuckerberg respond to

Korean War II

I resent these elite power mongers using us innocent civilians as pawns in their international megalomaniacal authoritarian crap. It’s nothing new either. The latest manifestation of trump vs. Un is only the latest. It’s been going on since one primate developed enough of an army that it could invade its neighbor’s land. It’s nothing for the Bashar al-Assads of the world to destroy a half a million people to keep their ego alive and fed in the golden palace. Bring on the dancing girls! Would the leaders of China and America sacrifice the lives of the people on the Korean Peninsula to bring “world peace” and Sino-American control of that part of the world? Sure, why not. It’s a deal. It’s n

Happy Easter!

I’ve been through some pretty tough Easter seasons, Vietnam War, assassinations, Gulf War, the Great Recession, the death of loved ones, you name it. One thing Easter always provided was a sense of springtime hope and optimism. It still does today. Have a safe and fun Easter with family and friends.

Spring Has Sprung!

Here in Connecticut anyway. I had to take a spring break (it’s the only way I can erase the madness of a long winter) and boy did I. A little travel, a little golf and a stomach bug to cap it all off. I’m back playing catch-up. I’ll start with my favorite, self-admitting asker of stupid questions, Bill “Bar Fight” O’Reilly. He’s from Levittown, Long Island and I was just near there visiting folks who lived in Levittown most of their lives. They are the friendliest, warmest people I know. They’re also family and I’ve known them for almost 30 years. They are nothing like Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly says he was beaten up constantly. I think I know why. He’s an unregenerate jerk. Vacation, my ass.

Don Rickles 1926-2017

When I draw a memorial cartoon, timing is important. Two things happened last Friday; trump sent 59 Tomahawk missiles to bomb Syria and Don Rickles died. I drew the trump cartoon first and then went traveling to see family. Everybody I told my Rickles cartoon idea to thought is was a good one and I should draw it even though it’s a bit late. My brain trust said not top worry about the timing, so, here it is.

What Happens Next?

We’re in a new trumpian era. His first use of presidential power to do good in the world and I agree with him. I generally supported Pres. Obama and voted for him twice, but he made two big errors. One, was the rollout and implementation of Obamacare. We’ll get to that another time. Today, let’s talk about the red line he drew in Syria. If Bashar Assad used poison gas against his own people, Obama said it was a red line that if he crossed, the U.S. would respond. He did and we didn’t. I was in favor of Obama’s approach to the Mideast, which was to stay the hell out as much as possible. But drawing a red line was pointless if we weren’t going to follow through. It showed we were weak and Ba

Employee’s Remorse

Every time I see Sec. of State Rex Tillerson on the tube, I think, “There’s man who is in over his head and knows it.” He clearly is not enjoying his job. I’m fairly certain he’d rather be exploring for oil than exploring for peace in North Korea. Let’s face it, war is hell, but good for the oil business, which may explain the low price of a barrel of crude these days. No big wars involving the biggest guzzlers of all, China and the USA. I’m just guessing, though. I don’t know nothin’ about no economics. You can ask my accountant.

And We Thought It Would Be Hillary

We were wrong. But I didn’t vote for Ivanka. I didn’t vote for her father, either. Maybe I will after he switches parties and becomes a Democrat. It’s not that I’m a Democrat; I’m not, but I would never send, or re-elect, a Republican to Washington under the current circumstances. We’re lucky here in Connecticut. We have all the right-thinking representatives and senators who, by the way, are getting a lot of attention with their excellent ideas. Jim Himes, Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy are tops in their professions and have solid democratic values. The others are more low-key, but equally impressive. Speaking of credentials, the president’s daughter is working on the family plan in

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