Devin Putin

I heard things. There’s a rumor going on around town, Washington DC town, that Devin Nunes has ben compromised, that he is in fact a Russian operative. They’re saying he’s a mole. That very well could be. He is mighty cozy with that Russian mole in the White House and he sneaks around underground in the White House lawn. I look at what’s going on with the Republicans and it defies logic, common sense and history. When I see people acting illogically, I think it’s either because of love, money, sex or drugs. It wouldn't be sex (have you seen those people) and the only drugs they I guess would be hemorrhoid medicine. Its possible Republicans are in love with trump, but I think it’s money. The

Mort Walker

Father, friend, cartoonist, golfer, role model, award winner, international icon, author, humorist, hero, tournament host, World War II veteran. When we die and go to heaven and God greets us at the Pearly Gates, He will look like just like Mort Walker.

Wishful Thinking

I have thought for quite awhile, why isn’t trump in a New York City jail? Given all the lies he tells, the disloyalty he shows and he is such a horrible liar, it’s surprising to me he hasn’t been charged with perjury at some point in his career. I said it before and I'll say it again, our system will save us from trump and so far it is. He, the Republican Party and Fox News Channel are doing their best to destroy it, but so far the Constitution is prevailing. I also predicted in 2016 that this was the end of the GOP and so far I'm right about that, too. It's ugly to watch their wholesale sellout to the Koch brothers and others like them, but there it is right before our eyes. Don't lose fait


This is what irks me about politicians. Sooner or later, they all start playing games with people’s lives so they can feel like a winner. It’s not about making the country better, stronger or safer. Both parties are guilty and both parties cheat. This is why I’m an independent and almost always vote for the lesser of two evils. As long as the Republican Party is heading for the trash heap, maybe the moderate survivors can join the moderate members of the Democratic Party and start a new party. The extremes on both sides can ride off into the sunset.

The Awakening

Thursday night while watching the 24-7 panic, AKA news shows, on TV, the scales suddenly fell from my eyes. It became clear to me that not only was my prediction of the destruction of the Republican Party coming true pretty much right on schedule, but for the first time I recognized who was doing it. The trump base! They are putting the GOP zombie out of its misery. Instead of scorning them, we should be praising them. They are my friends, family, neighbors; they are my heroes. And we have to focus, step back, pay attention. The trumpanzees, trumpsters, trump world, whatever we want to call them, are the people in office who have actual power to destroy the party. The trump base is powerless

Remember When

Finally, a good ol’fashioned sex scandal involving the President. Joe Scarborough was lamenting Thursday on “Morning Joe” that with all the Russian stuff and treason-like shenanigans going on, it wasn’t resonating with the public. Well, dude, you’re the resonator. Get the ball rolling! It’s telling that this fraud in the Oval Office is so bad, a sex scandal feels like a relief. The trumpanzees are strangely silent on the matter, although evangelicals and tea party conservatives are the ruling kings and queens of gross hypocrisy. Well, I’ll do my part to spread the word. Keep Hope Alive!

When They Go Low...

I’ve sort of promised myself that I won’t be as stupid and vulgar as trump is in 2018. Today is the first test of the new year and I’ve passed it to my satisfaction. I was tempted to use the exact same language as he, but stopped myself. Self-censorship? Maybe, but I like to think of it as high class, something that moron lacks. Ooops, did I say “moron?” I can say that. It’s common knowledge that his cabinet and the people in the White House call him a moron, so I think it’s just the working language in the office, along the lines of, “The moron would like his cheeseburger at 6 o’clock.” Or, “What time is the moron leaving for Moron Lago?” I suspect that every staffer in the White House alre

Steve! Don't Leave!

There hasn’t been a political figure who looks more like a villain since Ayatollah Khomeini. Bannon’s unwashed, unshaven, uncouth appearance is a joy to draw. I like to put flies around him, too, because waftaroms can’t tell the story. Waftaroms are those wavy lines over a cartoon of, say, an apple pie to indicate a pleasant aroma. Cartoonist Mort Walker (“Beetle Bailey” and about a dozen other comic strips over the years) coined the term in his 1980 book “The Lexicon of Comicana”.) As you can tell, a waftarom doesn’t distinguish between a good smell and a bad smell. Flies do. I also stuck a bottle of booze in Bannon’s back pocket at the suggestion of a reader.

O Mama!

I fully expected Oprah to end her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes with, “And so, therefore, I’m announcing my candidacy for President of the United States!” Hey, I’d vote for her. The Democrats would do well to find someone like her with her powerful voice and command of the podium. I can see her turning trump inside out, if he’s still in the office come 2020. I also like Elizabeth Warren, and I’d vote for her, too, but I’m not the typical voter. I’m informed, engaged and serious about voting every chance I get. As we get closer to the election, I’m going to be doing more about that anachronistic, loathsome institution, the electoral college. It would be wonderful if a Democrat won th

News You Can Abuse

OK, I’m back watching TV news, but at a substantially reduced amount. Bannon made me do it and let’s face it, I have to watch enough to come up with editorial cartoon gags. Last night, I found myself absent-mindedly watching ABC Nightly News with David Muir. I wasn’t paying attention; my mind was on other things but when I realized my error, I was appalled. I haven’t watched the Muir hysteria-fest in months and I see nothing’s changed. The news isn’t dramatic enough that Muir has to make it sound like there’s a bomb under my chair and I have to run, NOW! I quickly switched to CBS and Jeff Glor. He delivers the news calmly and professionally for the most part. CBS has always been the gold sta


Someday we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny. Bruce Springsteen

New Year's Un-resolutions

I’m going to quit announcing who I voted for or who I intend to vote for. In the past, I’ve offered that information freely, whether in private or the public sphere, but no more. It doesn’t help the national dialogue or bring us together. It creates ill will with some of my friends who assume I’m a Democrat. I am, in fact, a registered independent and will stay that way. Henceforth, I will no more tell who I voted for than I will divulge how much money I make. Both issues are between me and the governments of Connecticut, the United States of America and that loathsome institution, the Electoral College. Also, I will again encourage people to lie to political pollsters. Spineless politicians

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