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“The world finally has a framework for cooperating on climate change that’s suited to the task,” said Michael Levi, an expert on energy and climate change policy at the Council on Foreign Relations. “Whether or not this becomes a true turning point for the world, though, depends critically on how seriously countries follow through.”

I lifted that quote from The New York Times. It captures the whole issue at the core of the accord reached in Paris this weekend, and exposes the politics of climate change here at home. We can almost be certain the Republicans will try their damnedest to scuttle America’s part in this historic global effort. They’ll chatter about the loss of jobs in the traditional energy industries, such as coal, oil and gas but conveniently fail to mention the new jobs to be created in wind, solar and nuclear power.

And they’ll be joined by folks on the left who have been working for eons to stop the spread of nuclear power. Where do we put the nuclear waste? asks the anti-nukes faction. This global warming accord will be a test of logic and industry for the entire planet. I hope we pass it.

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