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A New Trump

Time to start playing around with some different caricatures of Trump. When I come up with a likeness of a politician that reflects my opinion of him or her, I tend to treat it like a logo, or a trademark, and draw it over and over again.

But, as time goes on and situations arise, I have to expand my drawing to fit different poses. Front view, side view, three-quarter view, whatever the drawing needs. Now that it appears that Donald J. Trump will be the next president of the United States (according to him) I have to start drawing him in different ways.

I’ll need a pose for him at the United Nations trying to talk the world’s member countries out of isolating us, a pose for him declaring war on Iran, ISIS and Jordan. I’ll need a pose for him pushing the big red button while on the big red phone to Vladimir Putin, a pose for him in the bunker with his 5th wife, a pose of him leading the United States Army into Mexico over their refusal to pay for the wall and a pose of him swearing in all the new militias springing up all over the country.

The only pose I don’t have yet is of him from behind, leaving.


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