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Word I agonized over the word “asshole.” Well, I didn’t agonize. I don’t agonize over words as much as I just want to make sure I’m being honest. Let’s say I went back and forth between using the word “asshole” and “people.”

In the end, I sent two versions to the syndicate. Some editors who have enough courage––or bad taste, take your pick––will use “asshole” and some editors, if they reprint it, will most certainly use the politically correct “people.”

My wife and I were talking over the weekend about the presidential race and she said she was fed up with the name calling and was finished with watching any more news coverage about it. I completely understand. However, I don’t have that option. News about politics is the raw sewage I use to make fresh water.

Anyway, calling people names is what we in America excel at. Calling someone an asshole somehow sums it all up. It’s shorthand for an entire paragraph that would certainly vary from person to person. We all have our own idea of what an asshole is. Trump to me is my idea of an asshole. He’s a liar, never admits when he’s wrong, a bully, uses people, is greedy and incites folks to violence.

Now, some people will say I’m an asshole for using the word asshole. That’s their opinion, and opinions are not right or wrong, even the opinions of assholes. I think I’m being influenced by the fact that I saw the movie “Straight Outta Compton” this past weekend on DVD. The word “asshole” seems mighty tame.

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