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The powerful Mafia, Cosa Nostra, mob, organized crime––whatever you want to call it––was brought down in large part because of a certain technology. Wiretapping. It was the technology of its time and not nearly as advanced or sophisticated as what we have now. Usually, it involved either a FBI agent breaking into a mob social club, or a van disguised as a phone company vehicle and a FBI technician literally perched on a telephone pole tapping in to the phone lines leading into another mob gathering place, or home. Sneaky, yes, but necessary and it was all OK’d by a judge issuing a warrant.

The United States Department of Justice needs to have the ability to spy on criminals. It’s that simple. Whether the feds listen or look, our peace and safety depend on it. I’m glad the FBI found someone to hack into the San Bernardino terrorists’ iPhone. They’re being secretive about who it was, so I decided to solve the puzzle with my cartoon.

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