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First Black Woman On The $20 Bill

It’s right and fair to remove Andrew Jackson from the front of the $20 bill. He was a racist slave-owner and an ethnic cleanser of Indians. The question begs, why did the Treasury Dept. honor him in the first place? Nobody knows, but if they’re going to put a black woman on a paper bill, certainly they could find someone more appropriate than Harriet Tubman.

I mean, what black woman has more $20 bills than almost anyone on Earth? What did Tubman do? Yeah, she worked for the union as an armed spy and a scout during the Civil War. That’s right; she carried a gun. Born a slave, she escaped on the Underground Railroad to Philadelphia, went back to the South to help her brothers and escaped again. She led people out of slavery into the North as a conductor on the Underground Railroad risking her life hundreds of times. Her nickname was “Moses” because of her leadership, but she died in poverty. Do you see the irony? Oprah gave away millions and her audience got free cars on one show. I mean, this is America, the age of Trump. It’s all about the Benjamins, or will they someday change that to the Hillaries.

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