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Pulling Away

Hillary Clinton has been the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party for only a few days and she is already besting Trump by 7 percentage points. Two reasons, one, her speech about the Orlando killings other day sounded downright presidential. Listen to it here:

The other reason, Trump is such a goddam dumbass it’s unbelievable. Trump may be the pond scum of politics, but the American people are not. We see him for what he is and we mourn the collapse of some or our conservative neighbors’ minds. Their fear is unimaginable. Osama Bin Laden defeated them, the Islamist extremists have beaten them with terror and now the vanquished cry out for an orange-haired maniac to lead them.

It has always been the job of moderates and liberals to guide our nation’s frightened conservatives to the light. It’s a challenge this year. We’re going to need a bigger flashlight.

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