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Another Year, Another 13,000 Gun Deaths!

Yeah, that’s right. We the peeps have demonstrated time and time again that we are not capable of living with liberal gun laws. And isn’t it ironic that conservatives hate all things liberal except liberal gun laws. Love songs, prayers and thoughts will do nothing to curb the carnage in America. A little tightening of gun laws here and there may slow the death rate, but we can learn from Australia, a country with no Second Amendment and much more common sense.

And understand that I’m not advocating taking away guns. That would be as impossible as the conservative dark wish to send 11 million illegal immigrants back to where they came from. Gun buy-backs and time will diminish the number of guns in the United States. It’ll take awhile, but eventually, we too will have a generation without mass shootings just as they have down under. Here’s a cogent, rational article in New Yorker that lays out the gun situation in America. It’s very long and uses big words, so Trump supporters might want avoid it.

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