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Lithium-ion Ith On My Litht

Yeth, I’m talking about my litht of modern unthafe thingth. Itth all tho confuthing. Firtht of all, lithium ith uthed to treat bi-polar dithorder, but that mutht be a different kind of lithium. Otherwithe, people with bi-polar dithorder could jutht chew on a battery, which doethn’t thound like a good idea.

Lithium-ion batterieth, on the other hand, can eckthplode and cauthe a fire. I thuthpect thith ith becauthe manufacturerth are cutting cornerth tho they can thell thier producth cheaply and thtill reap inthane profitth. Thatth what happened with airbagth.

Eckthpertth thay the danger comth from overcharging the batterieth. In the meantime, I’m only charging my thell phone when I’m prethent. No more charging it overnight. Better thafe than thorry.

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