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Happy Days

It’s good to see the racists are finally happy. They’ve had a difficult eight years, what with Pres. Obama and his family in the White House. Their hatred consumed them and they had no one to talk to but each other. But now, with Trump sending a profound signal by appointing Stephen Bannon, the racists are free to give voice and actions to their hatred. What a relief for them. No more PC. I know thinking before you speak takes a lot of energy. That’s the core behind political correctness, that and the fact that some groups historically harassed and picked on by the majority are just tired of the abuse. Now, the lid’s off. The racists––not to mention the homophobes, white supremacists and mysoginists speak their mind without thinking, which is something they do oh so well. But this is how America works, two steps forward and one step back. Pres. Jimmy Carter’s administration made great strides in race relations and tolerance toward all people. America responded by electing Pres. Ronald Reagan. Rosalyn Carter summed him up nicely: “He makes us comfortable with our prejudices.” And for what it’s worth, I never voted for Carter or Reagan. Trump not only makes us comfortable with our prejudices, he makes them great again.

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