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Dear Donald

Dear Donald, May I call you Donald? I can’t muster up the respect I would have for the average president-elect because you don’t deserve it, but as a fellow citizen, I feel I owe you this advice. If I were you, I wouldn’t screw around with the intelligence community, the CIA in particular. The CIA is not your average bureaucracy. It has been called a shadow government. They operate by their own rules. They are spies. They will lie, cheat, steal and kill to protect the United States from what they think is a threat to our way of life. If you will take a moment to leave Twitter and Google “Kennedy Assassination CIA”, you will learn that the CIA has been linked to the JFK assassination since the day it happened. It’s only an unproven theory, but it’s a theory that won’t go away. Wikipedia explains it in detail. It’s right here if you want to read it. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s true any more than the intel report about you and the hookers and the peeing on the hotel bed in Russia. But still...I encourage you to make peace with the CIA as soon as possible. Signed, A Semi-Concerned Citizen

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