Hard Of Hearings

January 18, 2017


I can’t say I’ve watched the Senate hearings on Trump’s cabinet picks wall-to-wall, but I’ve heard enough to know that what’s going on is the art of not answering the question. It’s fairly easy. It goes like this: when someone asks you a question, you reframe it to suit your agenda. Politicians do this all the time.

Senator: “Do you support the idea of guns in school?
Cabinet Pick: “What you mean is, do I support self-defense against grizzly bears lurking around the hallways? Yes I do.”

Senator: “Will you promise to not cut any money from Medicare and Medicaid?”
Cabinet Pick: “That’s the wrong metric. Money has nothing to do with it. Grizzly bears don’t need money. Next question.”

As I’ve said, I have no faith in politics right now. It can be restored somewhere down the road, but not today. And I’ll tell you this, they have a long way to go.


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