Rights Are Wrong

February 17, 2017

Let’s face it. No country has a “right” to exist. We humans are surly, barely civilized animals and the higher up the power structure, the more primitive it gets. A country can only exists if it can conquer land and defend its borders. That goes for the United States, Canada, Russia, Israel and all countries of the world. European forces conquered the land of the Americas. They defeated the native populations and the conquerors still control it and defend it today.


The modern political boundary of Israel was basically formed by the conquering victorious countries after World War II. Today, it occupies additional land captured in 1967 after the Six Day War, which was a surprise attack by its Arab neighbors. Israel defeated the attackers, captured some of their land and continues to hold it and defend it today. Might makes right? At the highest levels of caveman politics, in spite of clever rhetoric, it seems to.  



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