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Meanwhile, Back At The DNC

Tom Perez, eh? I was thinking that a younger dude like Canada’s Justin Trudeau would be the new leader of the Democratic Party. I mean, really, aren’t there enough bald or gray heads in power these days? But, hey, I’m not a Democrat. Many years ago, I registered as a Dem so I could vote in a primary for a woman who was running for re-election as mayor. We don’t have open primaries here in Connecticut so I had to go to Town Hall and sign up as a donkey party member. My candidate lost, so I had to trek back to Town Hall and change it. Never again.

Once again, I’m back where I’ve been most of my adult life, stuck in the middle. Sometimes I feel like an alien from another planet. I’m looking back and forth between the extremes, left and right, and I’m not seeing anything to make me optimistic about American politics. I’ll know more in 2018. I’ll know if the voters in the United States are ready to take an election seriously.

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