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Who Is The Right Wing Media?

It cuts across party lines. It’s not about being a Republican, although that party offers the right-wingers a comfortable home mainly because those people won’t be challenged in their thinking. At its core, right wing media is for those people who will submit to an authoritarian voice, or person, who will tell them what to think, what to believe, what to do, who to support and who to trust. Whether it’s a politician or a minister, it makes no difference. A majority of right-wingers believe white male Christians are superior to all other races, religions and women. To be a right winger is to hate two things, abortion (baby killers) and liberals (anyone who is not a right winger.) They are not stupid, but simple-minded. They are not represented by the mainstream media because mainstream media is serving the vast majority of people who are enlightened enough to be curious and courageous who will examine change and new discoveries rather than automatically be frightened by them. Right-wingers can’t embrace the complexities of the modern world as most all of us do. Therefore, they respond to the simple message that liberals and the mainstream media are out to get them. It certainly must feel that way to them. Fox News Channel, Rush Limbaugh, the late not-so-great Bill O’Reilly, the insane Alex Jones and others like them are authoritarian in their approach. Listen to Limbaugh. He tells his listeners that they are discerning, intelligent human beings. They believe him because he tells them it is so. Right wingers are markedly different from conservatives. Conservatives understand the complexities of modern life and hew to the time-honored conservative attitude of small government, low taxes and to respect traditions, among them, conspicuous patriotism, self-sufficiency and frugality. The George Wills of the world may be joyless and a drag at a birthday party, but they are not swayed by the right wing media. Will had the best definition I’ve ever heard of an authentic conservative’s attitude: “Most improvements make matter worse because most new ideas are regrettable.”

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