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If CBS should ever fire Stephen Colbert for exercising his free speech rights, I’d like to say I’d boycott every product advertised on the show, except for one problem. I already have nothing to do with almost all of his sponsors. My wife and I DVR the show and fast forward through the ads. But, the other night, I took my finger off the arrow and saw what I’d been missing. I counted forty sponsors and I know I missed a few more. IHOP? Forget it. That place is for fat people who want to die young of a heart attack and diabetes. Target? Why would I go there? It’s right next to Costco and I’m a member. T-Mobile? I’m with ATT or Frontier, or whatever the hell it is. Heineken? Don’t like beer. The trouble with beer is that it all tastes like beer. Crest? I’m Sensodyne. Zyrtec? I use Claritin D and the drug store makes me feel like a meth cooker when I buy it. I do have some L.L. Bean stuff. It’s quality and I like it, but I’m not in the market for more. After an exhaustive and painful study of the forty-plus advertisers, I use only maybe five products. Colbert had the openly gay Jim Parsons from my favorite sit-com “The Big Bang” on the other night and they talked briefly about Colbert’s so-called homophobic slur involving oral sex against trump and Putin. Parsons said he didn’t find it offensive. In fact, he found it titillating. The problem with the call to fire Colbert is that it’s being made by conservatives and right wing nuts who don’t understand what homophobia means and are, in fact, riddled with it. They should go back to bashing Planned Parenthood.

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