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No Mo No Ko

We’re at the point now, after many years of bullshit from North Korea, where we have to fish or cut bait. Kimmie Junkyard Un, or “Rocket Man” if you prefer, is not going to give up his nukes. We have three choices; to try to bomb him back to the Stone Age and hope he doesn’t respond by bombing Seoul back to the Stone Age. Or we sit down with him and acknowledge his country is a legitimate nuclear power in the world as we have done with Pakistan. Or, we finally convince the UN, an organization that can’t get out of its own way, to truly isolate NoKo until it’s starved into submission. To seal the UN deal, all we need is a NoKo rocket to miss it’s target and kill hundreds of Japanese pre-school children at a Tokyo screening of “Hello Kitty.” In that case, bombs away.

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