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Wake Up, Boys!

Men need to be educated about women. The first thing they need to know is women are fed up. I suspect that’s even true on some level in those hideous foreign countries where men make their women wear black tents, but I don’t know for sure. What I do know is that in the land of the free and the home of the brave, women are emerging on a grand scale.

For eons, men have been bullies because they’re physically stronger, louder and so more threatening. A man is the scariest animal on the planet. But starting around 1920, enough big, scary, threatening men have found friendship and camaraderie with women to turn the balance of power. The old caveman ways aren’t working anymore; just look what’s happening in society. Men are finding out the hard way, but they are starting to catch on. Hey, why should we do all the heavy lifting?

One big problem is that too often, men don’t know how to express their sexuality. They equate it with power, something men know all too well how to express, usually at the point of a gun or the end of a fist. I think that having a Chester the Molester in the White House IS making America great again, by pissing off women to the point they’ll stand up, band together and hold men accountable for their bullshit. My favorite T-shirt these days is worn by women to encourage other women to get involved in electoral politics. It says, “RUN FOR SOMETHING!”

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