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Superbowl Sunday

I'm rooting for the Patriots. I'm a fan of the two most hated teams in sports, the Pats and the Yankees. It's mainly because I'm a practical man; I can watch them on local TV and I don't have to pay extra to those highway robbers at Comcast.

The Giants do nothing for me and the Jets have the same problem as the Bears. I followed the Chicago Bears until a couple of years ago but finally gave up. When they made Jake Cutler the highest paid quarterback, I dropped them. The ownership clearly doesn't know squat about football. Maybe someday when the McCaskey family is forced to sell the team, I might reconsider. Until then, I'm going with a winner.

The Patriots are fun to watch even when they lose. I know, they're cheaters and Coach Bellicose, Tom Terrific and Robert Krafty are trumpanzees, but I'm only interested in what happens on the field. It's going to be almost impossible for the Pats to top the ending of last year's game, but if anybody can do it, they can.

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