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In 2016 when I saw that the end of the Republican Party (1854-2018ish) was upon us, I quickly saw that in order for the GOP to die, it had to take down the United States with it, but then I saw how our system would save our non-party citizens and our way of life. That's what's happening right now. The GOP is doing its level best to destroy itself and America by basically not doing anything. Mitch McConnell, Devon Nunes, Paul Ryan and their fellow travelers are typical of the limp members of the Republican Congress either wittingly or unwittingly complacent in the country's demise. Example A: They are doing nothing to protect us from the continued assault on our elections and democracy coming from Russian bot factories.

We have now determined that a massive federal intelligence failure in 2014 going forward allowed the Russian electronic attack on our system of government to succeed in 2016 and continue into 2018. The limp GOP members of Congress and that Republican vulgarian fraud in the Oval Office could stop it today, but they're not. Our system is saving us, the system of the free press and free speech as written in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Praise God and the Founders of the USA. We got this.

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