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Typical trump

For today's cartoon, I asked myself, ya' know, if I were on that Senate panel, the first question I'd ask is...and there's my cartoon. Fake President trump likes to pick people who are loyal to him. That's the only qualification, loyalty. Will he return it? Hell no, he throws people under the bus at the first sign of trouble.

His picks have nothing to do with experience, character, competency or qualifications. Fake President, you ask? Then who's running the government? I'll tell you who. Career public servants.

I spent last weekend in Arlington, VA, and you can feel it in the air. Driving on the Beltway (The National Parking Lot) or tooling along downtown on I-695 with the Washington Monument standing tall off to your right half hidden by office buildings. It's a whole thriving world there, a world without elected officials, a world without trump. This is where the people who run the government, service the government and contract with the government live and work. I thank them and am grateful for their effort. They're an important part of the system that will save us.

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