Inspired By Music

I thought up this cartoon while at a fundraising concert to benefit Artists For World Peace, a charity I’m involved with. If you want to see your charitable dollars at work, this is the charity for you. I know where the money goes and it goes to good people in need all over the world and here at home. The music by jazz vibes playerJay Hoggard and multi-instrumentalist Bob Nasta was heavenly and perfect for any time of year, but it resonated especially strong for me in this Christmas season. The moment when the cartoon began to form in the art department of my brain took me to Cartoondancemusic, a trio I belonged to featuring composer Neely Bruce and dancer Brad Roth. It was Neely’s idea to p

Cool It!

“The world finally has a framework for cooperating on climate change that’s suited to the task,” said Michael Levi, an expert on energy and climate change policy at the Council on Foreign Relations. “Whether or not this becomes a true turning point for the world, though, depends critically on how seriously countries follow through.” I lifted that quote from The New York Times. It captures the whole issue at the core of the accord reached in Paris this weekend, and exposes the politics of climate change here at home. We can almost be certain the Republicans will try their damnedest to scuttle America’s part in this historic global effort. They’ll chatter about the loss of jobs in the traditio

Should we just let Scalia cast Clarence Thomas' votes?

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas votes conservatively so consistently, somebody once said that we could’ve saved American taxpayers time and money by just giving Antonin “Fat Tony” Scalia two votes. My cartoon notwithstanding, I’m not a fan of Thomas, either. He’s one of those people who’ve benefitted from affirmative action, climbed to the pinnacle of success and has done everything he can to pull up the ladder behind him, assuring that nobody else has the opportunity to make it the same way. Clarence Thomas got where he is today because of hard work and dedication, but there’s no denying he got a boost in the beginning with his college education. Well, I suppose he’s a typical conserv

Fear + Hate = The Recipe for Terrorist Rapture

I had a terrible fight with myself Wednesday. Being a self-editor means I have to edit, something I have little skill with. It all started like this: I had an idea to compare ISIS with the Westboro Baptist Church, you know, those creeps from Topeka, Kansas who go around to funerals of military men and women with signs that say “God Hates Fags” and “Thank God For 9-11,” crap like that. I wanted to say “ISIS is to Islam what the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity.” So, I had the damn thing half drawn, and I really liked the way the art was going. It looked good and felt good. Then when Editor Bob saw what I was drawing, he called me into his office which is near the back of my brain. T

Stop the gun cult

The New York Daily News is right. Save your prayers because God doesn’t give a shit about gun violence. He gave us free will and this is one way we use it. We can kill anybody at any time. The only thing we the peeps who are not part of the gun cult can do is to take away the guns and severely limit the purchase of new ones. Take a look at what Australia did after a spate of gun violence. The National Rifle Association could be a leader in the war on guns, but they’ve chosen to be a provider, an enabler. It’s function as a lobbyist for gun manufacturers is one of the most succesful in American industrial history. We have the free will to stop this carnage, but not the law. The law is on the

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