A Little Help From My Friends

My wife inspired this gag in conversation. That’s fun for me when I’m talking to somebody and they say something that makes me think of a cartoon. When somebody says to me, “Hey, here’s an idea for a cartoon,” I brace myself because it never works out. On the other hand, an honest conversation about politics or life in general is sometimes a gold mine. I’ve gotten ideas like that from family, friends, strangers and TV shows. All I can say is keep it coming everybody. I don’t want to have to work!

Managing trump

Suck up to him; praise his great genius, his handsome visage, his beautiful blond hair. Flatter him constantly, his business and political skills, his charming family, his taste in ties. Tell him how beautiful his daughter is and don’t spare the compliments about his two sons. Praise his choice of a beautiful wife. Tell him his golf game is superb, unbeatable. Now, do this eight times a day.

A Christmas Toon

Merry Christmas and a have a Happy New Year. Happy Kwanzaa and have a Joyous Hanukkah.


Time to clean out the idea box. It’s near the end of the year and I don’t want good ideas to languish in the corners. This cartoon should’ve been drawn when I first thought of it when Al Franken made his resignation speech, but I was focused on teaching my class. Oh well, better late than never. And I really like drawing Big Al.

On Track

The Republican Party is collapsing just as I predicted it would back in 2016. It lost its core political values many years ago when Ronald Reagan invited the religious extremists a seat at the table. Others trace it back past Nixon and the Republican “Southern Strategy.” Today, it’s collapsing not only from extremist religion, but also hate, racism, fear, misogyny, homophobia and xenophobia. Those are not the political values a party can grow and prosper on, not in the modern era. The collapse will be more obvious next year in 2018 and complete in 2020. There will be a new conservative choice then, a rational, thoughtful, logical, intelligent one to pick up the shattered pieces of the party

Mideast Squeeze

We have to stop using the term “peace process” when it comes to Israel and its neighbors. There is no peace process. There is a war process and all sides today are intransigent and hidebound. No country in the neighborhood is giving an inch peacefully. When will it end? When the last country standing says it’s over. Evangelical Christians believe that the last chapter in the Bible will come true, that Revelations will play itself out. The world will be destroyed and then we’ll have 1,000 years of peace. The men who wrote the Bible didn’t know how big the world was. They didn’t even know the Earth was round. The men who wrote the Bible didn’t know science, but they understood human nature. Th

Wake Up, Boys!

Men need to be educated about women. The first thing they need to know is women are fed up. I suspect that’s even true on some level in those hideous foreign countries where men make their women wear black tents, but I don’t know for sure. What I do know is that in the land of the free and the home of the brave, women are emerging on a grand scale. For eons, men have been bullies because they’re physically stronger, louder and so more threatening. A man is the scariest animal on the planet. But starting around 1920, enough big, scary, threatening men have found friendship and camaraderie with women to turn the balance of power. The old caveman ways aren’t working anymore; just look what’s ha

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