Kushy Job

Nothing gives me more pleasure as a caricaturist than struggling to get a likeness of someone hard to draw and succeeding. Jared Kushner is hard for me to draw. I had to draw him twice to get those sneaky boy good looks. John Kelly is easy. Generally, any old man is easy to draw whether it's Kelly or Steve Bannon or, well, name anyone over fifty. This is the first time I've drawn Kushner and Kelly. Both caricatures will evolve as time goes by and they are indicted, put on trial and sentenced to minimum-security prisons.

Focus, Everybody

1. Focus on the NRA and boycotting any business that they are involved with. Go to the NRA website and find out when and where their local activities will be held and organize a mass disruption. Do whatever is legal and you can live with. 2. Focus on outlawing and ending the sale of military-style weapons to the general public. 3. Connecticut's federal representatives––none of them––have taken campaign money from the NRA. Find out which of your reps have taken blood money from the NRA. Any representative who has taken money from the NRA has contributed to the murder of children. 4. As far as your local city and state politicians go, find out if they've taken blood money from the NRA. Make th


I've heard more common sense adult wisdom coming from the mouths of teens in the past week than I'd heard since, well...I was a teenager. Yes, we saw the bullshit coming from our parents, but we didn't have the Internet and social networks to unite us into a movement. We had Mad magazine and George Carlin, but it wasn't until we were in our early twenties and the Vietnam War intensified that we were able to unite into a force. We did, though, and changed America. We didn't grow up with a national fear of terrorism, but we did grow up with air raid drills and the possibility of a nuclear war with the Russians. The Cuban Missile Crisis politicized me for all time. And then those blockheads in


Knowing teenagers as I do, their energy and devotion to getting what they want could be a significant factor in enacting sane gun control in this country. May I suggest that every teenager in the country Google "Find NRA Near You" in their state and make plans to disrupt as many of their activities as possible. "Friends of NRA" lists events happening in your area. Organize a counter-event. Do what you can, where you can, when you can. Be familiar with NRA.org website and fight for your lives!

Breaking News

First, do not give out the shooter's name. Assign them a number of at least seven digits. Second, do not show the shooter's picture or tell us anything detailed about them, but generalities such as, "The shooter lived in the same city," or, "The shooter was a member of a white supremacist group," and name the group. We have to know the terrorist groups. Third, tell the weapon the shooter used and where they bought it. In short, give out as little information as possible about the perp. If the creep escapes, then full identification is warranted. Maybe if the media stops aggrandizing these animals, the killing will stop.

Time's Up

There is reporting from a variety of sources that Russia funneled money to Republicans using the National Rifle Association. This from Rolling Stone magazine: "The allegation that Russia funneled money into the NRA – to directly support Trump's presidential bid – is staggering. Until now, we've understood the Russian support of Trump to have been oblique, delivered by a cadre of Facebook and Twitter trolls, and by the release of hacked DNC and Clinton campaign emails through Wikileaks. The notion that the Kremlin was supporting Trump's presidential bid financially – and through an organization that holds itself up as a paragon of American patriotism – is almost unreal." https://www.npr.org/.


I belonged to an evangelical Christian church for a brief moment in time. It scared the hell out of me, literally. I was 11 years old and afraid Jesus would come back at any moment, end the world, take me away from all that I loved and throw me in the lake of fire for going to movies and reading comic books. Finally, my father, whose favorite description of nonsense was the word "bullshit," took me to a Methodist minister to have me de-programmed. I still remember his name, Rev. Donald LaSuer, who passed away five years ago. He told me Jesus didn't care if I went to movies, or danced with girls, or read comic books. He told me to be a good kid and do what was right. I left his office with a

Future Writer's Club

You may ask yourself why good, decent ordinary human beings would want to spend one minute working in the White House for trump. I'm not talking about the highly paid trumpanzees who have their nose firmly up trump's behind. I'm talking a about the folks who thought a career of public service was a good thing. Then, it dawned on me. They're going to write a book about their time in the cage. Between them, the historians, the theorists, humorists and political scientists, the books will fill, well.....that's what inspired today's cartoon. We'll never be rid of trump. His administration will be dissected like a high school biology frog. And it will smell as I imagine trump smells today, like f

Ryan's Hopeless

Check out Randy Bryce's ads against Queen "Let Them Eat Cake" Paul Ryan in Wisconsin. They're inspirational and the GOP conservatives are scared. You can tell. They're making fun of him because he's a blue-collar ironworker. Paul Ryan is a tool and toady of the Koch brothers and other wealthy oligarchs like them. I confess I'm a proponent of the "Boycott The GOP" movement that's coursing through America. America can't afford political perverts like Ryan. Longtime friends of Ryan's are at a loss to explain his change. Apparently, he thinks having his big nose nestled firmly up trump's heiny will do him good. Ryan's district is the First Congressional district in the extreme southeast corner o

Shepard Smith

That's it. When I think of the Fox News Channel performers who are rational and telling the truth, Shep Smith's name comes to mind and I'm sad to say he's the only one. Brett Baier seems mostly OK, and so does wishy-washy Chris Wallace, but when Smith explains context and reality, it's almost as if he's shaming Hannity, the Curvy Crouch Crowd and just about every other fraudulent propagandist motor mouth on that sad network. I have only one question; how does he stand it?

Superbowl Sunday

I'm rooting for the Patriots. I'm a fan of the two most hated teams in sports, the Pats and the Yankees. It's mainly because I'm a practical man; I can watch them on local TV and I don't have to pay extra to those highway robbers at Comcast. The Giants do nothing for me and the Jets have the same problem as the Bears. I followed the Chicago Bears until a couple of years ago but finally gave up. When they made Jake Cutler the highest paid quarterback, I dropped them. The ownership clearly doesn't know squat about football. Maybe someday when the McCaskey family is forced to sell the team, I might reconsider. Until then, I'm going with a winner. The Patriots are fun to watch even when they los

You Have The Right To Remain High

States' Rights is a valuable concept in America not often employed in modern times. In other words if the issue is not cemented into the United States Constitution, states are left to decide what their citizens want. There's no prohibition against weed in the Constitution, but slavery is out. You can't outlaw the sale and possession of guns in your state because the Second Amendment is in. As we fragment in the culture war, it appears that the red states are going in one direction and the blue states another. Take abortion, for instance. I can see the SCOTUS overthrowing Roe vs. Wade and then each state deciding what to do. I know Connecticut would keep legal, safe abortions as a woman's rig

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