The Equinox Knocks

Summer is flying by much too quickly and there’s some things I want to do before that lucky ol’ sun crosses the equator: 1. Get a tattoo of hair on my legs. 2. Go to a nude beach. 3. Buy a Corvette convertible. 4. Play golf just freaking once without a triple bogey on my scorecard. 5. Watch the Yankees get out of their slump. 6. I’m kidding about the nude beach, at least until I get a tattoo of hair on my legs.

Hate One For The Gipper

The 2017 Republican Party once again learns that a party based on hate, prejudice and fear cannot govern. Why? Because a majority of we the peeps are not filled with hate, prejudice and fear, except maybe of Republicans. For most of the history of the GOP (before it was the Grand Old Party) it was liberal and based on balanced budgets, small government, rational policies, low taxes and equality for all, but since Rush Limbaugh and the Fox News Channel hijacked the conservative dialogue, those days are over. Oh, the party still claims those principles, but it doesn’t follow them. The fact is the party only exists today to channel hatred of blacks, women, gays, transgenders, health care for

Putin Voodoo

I finally figured out why trump has such a thing for Vladimir Putin. There’s only one explanation. Putin has put a voodoo curse on him. I don’t know where he got the skills, or if he did it alone, but Putin has some kind of shamanic hold on the fake president. Trump can Tweet this when he’s impeached: It’s not my fault! Putin made me do it! Have U seen “The Manchurian Candidate?” Sad.

The End Of Lincoln’s Party Is Near

This is how the Republican party dies, attempting to bring down the country with it. A party based on hatred of Pres. Obama, Hillary Clinton and liberals cannot last long. Not to mention its denial of science, its members living in fear with their hatred of Freedom of Choice, gay rights, the free press, and unable to embrace enlightenment. The Republican Party, as it is today, has no place in modern times. It’s not even a political party anymore as much as it is a fundamentalist Christian religion. The party is disintegrating and splitting apart, the rational, intelligent, pragmatic conservatives willing to listen to other viewpoints are on one side and the people who voted for trump on the

The Smart One

It’s becoming clear to me that Tiffany Trump, the daughter of Marla Maples and trump the chump, is the smart sibling in the family. I’m guessing Marla raised her right. In other words, she’s untouched by her father’s influence because her mother put 3,000 miles between her and her daughter’s unhinged serial liar daddy. The Donald oozes sleaze and Marla certainly saw it up close. I wish the best for Tiffany. She seems like the only normal, real adult person in the family.

Hitler Meets Mussolini

History repeats itself because human nature doesn’t change. Putin is not going to stop his cyber war against the U.S.because of one reason. It works; it’s successful. Besides, these two men have the opportunity to build one of the greatest crooked business empires of all time. They see the opening and they’ll take it. Their business model will be like any business run by the Mafia. In other words, undercut the competition, drive them out of business with threats, blackmail and “protection” and kill anybody who gets in their way. Global fear is driving all this. The fear of ISIS, runaway refugees and with it, uncontrollable immigration, nuclear war with North Korea, racism (which is rooted in

Fat City

I’m sorry. I don’t mean to offend anyone with the title of my blog, using the word “fat” and all. Please forgive me, but I think fat is funny. I know “fat shaming” is politically incorrect, but my attitude about political correctness is fuck it. Fuck political correctness. I’ll decide who and what I’ll make fun of. I’m not going to let some thin-skinned stranger who is easily offended decide what I’m going to do. Do I sound defensive? I’m sorry for sounding defensive and I’m sorry for saying “fuck.” Language is so important these days, unless you're trump. Then you can say any fucking thing you want. Sad. Did I offend trump supporters? I’m sorry about offending trump supporters. I’m especial

Spy Vs. Spy Vs. trump

If there’s anything else I can do to add to the paranoia at the trump White House, let me know.

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