A New Trump

Time to start playing around with some different caricatures of Trump. When I come up with a likeness of a politician that reflects my opinion of him or her, I tend to treat it like a logo, or a trademark, and draw it over and over again. But, as time goes on and situations arise, I have to expand my drawing to fit different poses. Front view, side view, three-quarter view, whatever the drawing needs. Now that it appears that Donald J. Trump will be the next president of the United States (according to him) I have to start drawing him in different ways. I’ll need a pose for him at the United Nations trying to talk the world’s member countries out of isolating us, a pose for him declaring war

Throw The Bums In

I’m not a Democrat, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s up to the donkey party to select a presidential candidate I’ll vote for, and so far, they all look better than anyone the Republicans have in their lineup. I haven’t voted for a Republican since the first go-round with W in 2000. Up until this year, I’ve always voted for the candidate that’s most fun to draw. As politicians, they’re all the same, telling us what we want to hear and making promises they know they won’t keep, plus they tend to believe their own bullshit. Politics today is an exercise in legitimized prejudice (Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up.) It’s probably always been that way but it’s more obvious than

Bad Taste: The Cartoon Or Flint Water?

I know. We’re not supposed to make fun of fat people. It’s the latest PC taboo, one that I gleefully ignore today. What is this thing about large, obese folks that alarms us so? I think it’s because we know it’s unhealthy and there are people in our lives we love, whether we know them personally or not, that we care for. Friends, family and media folks. Take Melissa McCarthy, for instance. She’s a great comic actor and funny as hell. I saw “The Heat” three times. I worried about her health when she was large but she’s lost 50 pounds with an ultimate goal of losing 100 and looks fantastic. I’m not worried about her anymore. Her health certainly has only improved and she should be around for a

An Editorial Cartoonist's Prayer

Dear God, Thank you for bringing Donald Trump and Sarah Palin into our lives. And thank you for making them easy to draw. Amen Some people don’t understand the appeal of Sarah Palin. A male friend of mine summed it up for many of his fellows in 2008 when she and Presidential Candidate John McCain were running against Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I’ll clean up my friend’s comment as best I can. He said, “She’s the only Vice-Presidential Candidate I’ve ever wanted to have sex with.” That comment doesn’t explain her appeal to Republican women, straight women anyway. We’ll have to hear from them. The liberal New York Daily News had a picture of Palin and Trump on the front page with the headline

Bernie By A Hoverboard

I was in the checkout line at the Walmart recently. That’s what they call it in Indiana, “the” Walmart. My dad worked there before he came out of retirement because of sheer boredom. It was the only place that would hire him (he was in his early 80s) because of his advanced age. He was a janitor and loved playing Santa Claus at Christmastime. He did it until the “cheap bastards” (his words) in corporate decided one year they couldn’t afford to rent a costume. He said of all the places he worked in his lifetime, and he worked plenty, the Walmart employees had the lowest morale. Anyway, I was at the Walmart when a customer came gliding in on a hover board just as smooth as you please. Effortle

Grow Up

The closer the art of politics gets to the top, the more primitive it is. A contest for city council can be reasonably civil, except maybe in New York or Chicago, but by the time you get to the White House, it’s gotten completely caveman, which is where adolescents dwell (that’s why there are so many rules in middle school.) The level of discourse coming out of today’s Republican Party reminds me of junior high school and the culture surrounding it. Playground bullies vs the nerds. And make no mistake, nerds run the modern world economy and earn the biggest paychecks. The nerds are the bullies’ bosses. That’s because the bullies, as stupid as they are, confuse intelligence for weakness. They

The Trump Way

Listen, it’s not me, but I’ve been hearing you’re a crook and a pervert. Really, I like you. I think you’re fantastic, but I’ve been hearing that you did some weird things with inflatable dolls and stuff. I mean, really, what you do in private is your own business, but some people seem to know about it and are spreading stories. Somebody said you stole some stuff when you were living in New Jersey, or was it Canada? You might want to see a lawyer. I think there might be grounds for a lawsuit. Talk to your lawyer. Personally, I love the Canadians. And speaking of Canada, I heard you were born in a foreign country and might have ties to al-Queda. That’s not me saying it, but others are and bei

David Bowie 1947-2016

It’s always a shock when one dies so young. These days, 69 is not old. There is something about pop stars that makes us think they’ll live forever. And they will. We all will. I believe virtually anything is possible in this universe. If you read some of the mathematical theories found in science and physics, such as we all are made of stardust, you’ll believe it too.

Reach For The Sky

That’s right, reach for the sky. Decide what your goal is, no matter how impossible it might seem, and go for it. Let’s say you want to see the Second Amendment either repealed, re-written or enforced to the letter of the law with gun cult members being required to be a member a well-regulated state militia. I have one word for you. Organize. Assemble a posse of like-minded people and go to the nearest gun store and picket it. Or join a group who would like to see guns restricted, such as Sandy Hook Promise http://www.sandyhookpromise.org/ You won’t find a more dedicated bunch of motivated people. I do what I can with cartoons, but I think I’m preaching to the choir. People who don’t agree

Chicago Cops - History Repeats

The Chicago Policed Department has had a long and brutal past, going back to Prohibition and beyond. This cartoon is the first editorial cartoon I had published in any newspaper. I was working for the Chicago American, soon to be re-named Chicago Today. It was owned by the Chicago Tribune until they closed it in 1974 two years after I’d left to start my own business. We had two editorial cartoonists, Vaughn Shoemaker and Wayne Stayskal, but they both took Monday off. I was working as a staff artist in the art department and asked the art director if I could draw an editorial cartoon for Mondays. He talked to the editor who approved my request and this is the first cartoon. We had a page one

Do Not Piss Off the NFL

ESPN’s Outside The Lines has reported the National Football League has backed away from funding a study of the relationship football has to brain disease because the study is being run by a scientist who is a critic of the football monolith. The NFL has spent years fighting researchers who have linked football and head trauma. The league gave the National Institutes of Health a $30 million grant to research brain trauma and some of the money was to go to Boston University, but Dr. Robert Stern is heading the BU team and it seems Dr. Stern has not been marching in lockstep with the No Fun League. Apparently, the league has veto power of where its grant money is spent. Here are the details: I

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