Near-Perfect Vision

I have a theory. I think Ted Cruz has 2020 vision. He wants to run for president in 2020. He can see the Republican Party coming apart this year, after November, and splitting into two factions. The hate-filled 2016 Trumpists will congeal into a pile of dung. Let’s call them Trump Dumps. The rest of the party will become the Christian Republicans. What he can’t see is the traditional Republicans taking control of the party of Lincoln and showing the door to people like Cruz who believe the universe is 6,000 years old, reject science and insist on hijacking a woman’s body in the doctor’s office. That’s right, the evangelicals who joined the party in 1980––when Ronald Reagan gave a welcoming n

Using Time Wisely

I was upstairs in my studio when I heard my wife laugh loudly downstairs. She was laughing at Trump’s grand entrance to the Republican convention. I was not watching. My time is too precious to me and I hate to waste it listening to Republican bullshit. I DVR-ed it, but the big news of last night was all over the morning shows. Rest assured, the GOP is still its own worst enemy. Now, let’s talk about trust. Melania, shall we say, “borrowed” phrases from Michele Obama’s 2008 speech before the Democratic convention and her hubby, vaunted businessman The Donald, has filed for bankruptcy four times. Four times! In other words, if Trump owes you money, you are not likely to get it back. How’s tha

Birdbrains Of A Feather

What do you get when you mix extreme religion with extreme politics? The 2016 Republican Party platform. I’m happy that Americans who are scared shitless have found a home. They have a place to exclaim without shame their fear and hatred of anyone not like them. These are the people who confuse intelligence with cowardice. A bully shall lead them. Reason and discernment have no place in their lives. Smart people are their enemy, and by smart people, I mean anyone who understands that the universe is billions of years old and that Jesus did not have a pet dinosaur. Those of us who read, listen and watch the news on any TV station other than Fox News Channel are not afraid. Those of us who rej

A Conversation About Conversations

Many moons ago when I toiled for the fourth estate, I suggested to any editor who would listen that we start a weekly column called “Race Exchange.” It would be written by a black writer and a white writer and it would be a clearing house for racial nonsense, myths, lies, and half-truths. Readers could write in with questions, observations and stories of the system actually working. Importantly, it would be written with a sense of humor. I was met with polite indifference until one day, one of the freelance writers told me why it wouldn’t work. “We can’t win,” he said. Who’s we, I asked. The answer was white people and the newspaper. I don’t work for a newspaper anymore, so I’ll do what I da

Armed Camp

What do I want? I want the National Rifle Association to take a responsible position on gun ownership. I want the NRA to lead the way with comprehensive gun control. I want the NRA to work with legislatures all over America to encourage government enforcement of existing laws. That’s what it once did before the greedy bastards took over and turned the organization into a lobbying group for gun makers. It would take new leadership and a fearless attitude within the association, not something they’ve shown so far.


That was the last time our country seemed to be coming apart at the seams. In that long-ago election year, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis in April and shortly after that in June, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bobby Kennedy was gunned down in Los Angeles. There were riots all over America because of King’s assassination and then, at the Democratic Convention in Chicago, a few months later, a police riot in Grant Park rocked the country as cops clubbed and gassed demonstrators. Yes, it seems America is coming apart again because of a simple reason. America is always coming apart. It’s designed that way. It’s even written in the Declaration of Independence: “Tha

Four Thoughts

1.If the Republicans in congress worked as hard to make the United States government function efficiently as they do chasing after the Clintons, we’d be living in a far better place. 2. I wish politicians would stop calling America “the greatest country in the world.” It’s only true to morons, idiots, and close-minded people who don’t read intelligent writing, or travel outside our borders. 3. Noah’s ark is ready for boarding in Kentucky. I encourage all people who believe the universe is 6,000 years old to board immediately and sail away. 4. I’m going to try very hard not to draw a Trump cartoon next week.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow...Or November!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but Trump seems to be changing his hair color to white. His little speech in Raleigh the other day revealed it. It could’ve been the lighting, or it It could be a calculated attempt to look more presidential. Oh well, who cares? It’s not what sits on his head. It’s what comes out of his mouth. Here’s a story about gerrymandered congressional districts in the United States if you’re interested, and you’d better be interested if you don’t want Trump’s picture hanging in every post office in America.

When My Baby...

When my baby smiles at me, I go to Rio! De Janeiro! But when I come home, will my baby rub me down with calamine? Lotion? OK, I changed some of the lyrics to the Peter Allen song. The 2016 Summer Olympics is truly an Olympics for our times. Brazil’s screwed up bureaucracy, unfinished venues, athletes swimming in some of the most polluted water on Earth and those pesky mosquitoes spreading that pesky zika virus are just some of the dangers. Throw in worldwide global terrorism and the inherent security concerns for a large gathering and you’ve got several nervous breakdowns in progress. In a related breaking story, Brazilian scientists have discovered a new drug-resistant super bacteria in the

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