The Kids Are All Right

Young Brits voted to stay in the EU, old people wanted out. That is to say old, frightened people, the same kind of person who supports Trump, the tea party, the conservatives and much of the Republican party. The terrified geezers here, as in the United Kingdom, will decide how brave young people will live, possibly for generations, if they win in November. I hope young people in this country have taken the British vote to heart. Organize, register and get out the vote. Trump is right about one thing, the system is rigged and the Republicans rigged it. Redistricting (aka gerrymandering) has stacked the deck in favor of old, white, conservative Republicans. Those who are not afraid and have

What God Hath Wrought

The sit-in in the House of Representatives inspired this cartoon, harkening back to the Vietnam War protests of the 1960s. The GOP has come a long way from the party I could vote for in national elections. There was a time when the Republican Party stood for lower taxes, less government, deregulation, free trade and austere budgets. Then, in 1980, a new era began. The party, under Ronald Reagan’s leadership, invited religious extremists into the fold. Anti-abortion, prayer in schools, racism, English as the official United States language, mysogynistic policies, homophobia, guns galore and an anti-science ethos took hold. I could go on, but you get the picture. As South Carolina Republican S

Another Year, Another 13,000 Gun Deaths!

Yeah, that’s right. We the peeps have demonstrated time and time again that we are not capable of living with liberal gun laws. And isn’t it ironic that conservatives hate all things liberal except liberal gun laws. Love songs, prayers and thoughts will do nothing to curb the carnage in America. A little tightening of gun laws here and there may slow the death rate, but we can learn from Australia, a country with no Second Amendment and much more common sense. And understand that I’m not advocating taking away guns. That would be as impossible as the conservative dark wish to send 11 million illegal immigrants back to where they came from. Gun buy-backs and time will diminish the number of g

Signs Save Lives

One year fed up with winter, my wife and I decided to head to Walt Disney World for a little R&R and golf. We didn’t stay at the Magic Kingdom, but at one of the resorts. The day after we arrived, I had a tee time very early in the morning so my wife decided to sleep in. A cold front moved through the resort during the night, the thermometer plunged and a light frost covered the fairways and greens. The starter said we had to wait until the temperature rose to above freezing which would only take an hour or so. When our foursome finally teed off, it was around 40 degrees, sub-zero weather for Floridians. As we came by the ponds on the course, I noticed golf balls in the shallows within easy

Pulling Away

Hillary Clinton has been the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party for only a few days and she is already besting Trump by 7 percentage points. Two reasons, one, her speech about the Orlando killings other day sounded downright presidential. Listen to it here: The other reason, Trump is such a goddam dumbass it’s unbelievable. Trump may be the pond scum of politics, but the American people are not. We see him for what he is and we mourn the collapse of some or our conservative neighbors’ minds. Their fear is unimaginable. Osama Bin Laden defeated them, the Islamist extremists have bea

Campaign Slogan: Don’t Be A Dick! Vote For Hillary!

First, she’s the “first presumptive female candidate of a major American political party.” Soon she’ll be the “first nominated female candidate of a major American political party.” I’m saving my “first” cartoon for when she’s the first female president-elect in November, which she will be. I’ll draw a “first female president” cartoon when she’s sworn in. I hope Bernie’s peeps will help the cause. The hate I heard––and still hear––coming from the Sanders crew was as vitriolic as anything coming from the Trump campaign. I vowed I’d be a yellow-dog Democrat in 2016 and I’m happy with the choice. I would’ve been as happy with Bernie. Voters hate to hear that their vote for one person is a vote

Ho Hum Trump

OK, I get it. There’s no limit to Trump’s insanity. I don’t need to see another one of his live press conferences, interviews or speeches on the Boob Tube. I can only hope he’s sufficiently ruined his career across the board. The last rat bastard to come out of New York City on a scale not even close to this was Leona Helmsley––”The Queen of Mean”––and he makes her look like Cinderella’s fairy godmother. Trump will continue to rule on cable news because it fits their low budget, lazy programming. They can spend 24 hours on one of his asinine comments without lifting a finger on real journalism. I think the voting public knows that Trump is supported by about five percent of the people becaus

The Puppet Master

Paul Ryan’s tepid endorsement of Trump underscores the very dark and sleazy nature of politics at its existential core. The recent HBO movie about Pres. Lyndon Johnson––”All The Way”––has a scene in it where LBJ is sitting on the toilet conducting business with his VP Hubert Humphrey. Johnson was famous for holding meetings while he was taking a dump. That’s the perfect metaphor for modern politics. To me, politics is the fine art of lying. It’s opportunistic and filled with half-truths and plain old falsehoods. Competition gets in the way of competence. It’s opportunistic and exploitive. I draw editorial cartoons because I don’t like politics. Sure, sports are competitive, but the differenc


If your name is not Trump, Hillary or Bernie, don’t expect any air time. If you want to know what a libertarian is, here’s the home page: Their motto is “Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom.” They’re beyond conservative; they make the GOP look like the Communist Party. Presidential candidate Gary Johnson was the governor of New Mexico for two terms and vice-president-in-your-dreams Bill Weld was the governor of Massachusetts for the same number. We in Connecticut have heard of Weld, but I can’t tell you what he’s famous for, or any of his accomplishments. Massachusetts is way up north and not a part of Connecticut, so we only pay attention to the commonwealth’s politics w

Zootopia Dystopia

I’ve been to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. I’ve been to the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, the Bronx Zoo and the Central Park Zoo in Manhattan. I say all this because ironically I’m not a fan of zoos. I know they serve a scientific purpose and encourage curiosity but the animals suffer even when they’re treated well. I’ve never been to a zoo where I thought the animals looked like they were not depressed. Years ago, I was at the San Diego zoo and saw a bald eagle in a cage. It looked straight at me as if it wanted to peck out my eyes. I wanted to tell it, “Hey, don’t blame me! I’m on your side!” The last zoo I visited was Disney World’s Animal Kingdom and have

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