What's Next? Their Mothers?

We are what we believe. After years of encouragement from hate-mongering radio and TV hosts, the hardcore, primary voting, 2016 Republicans have become the wing of the party of pure prejudice. Don’t confuse them them with the facts, their minds are made up. This is why any new information that would be damaging to any rational GOP political candidate doesn’t affect Trump’s poll numbers. His supporters are prejudiced beyond redemption and cannot, or will not change. I don’t know how his political nonsense will hurt Trump’s business. I know I will never spend even one of my dollars on any of his empire’s businesses, not a golf course, hotel, or knickknack. Thankfully, it’s easy enough to avoid

Let's Listen In

The powerful Mafia, Cosa Nostra, mob, organized crime––whatever you want to call it––was brought down in large part because of a certain technology. Wiretapping. It was the technology of its time and not nearly as advanced or sophisticated as what we have now. Usually, it involved either a FBI agent breaking into a mob social club, or a van disguised as a phone company vehicle and a FBI technician literally perched on a telephone pole tapping in to the phone lines leading into another mob gathering place, or home. Sneaky, yes, but necessary and it was all OK’d by a judge issuing a warrant. The United States Department of Justice needs to have the ability to spy on criminals. It’s that simpl

Happy Easter!

Whether you’re religious, secular or somewhere in between, it’s Spring. Have a safe and joyful day!


Word I agonized over the word “asshole.” Well, I didn’t agonize. I don’t agonize over words as much as I just want to make sure I’m being honest. Let’s say I went back and forth between using the word “asshole” and “people.” In the end, I sent two versions to the syndicate. Some editors who have enough courage––or bad taste, take your pick––will use “asshole” and some editors, if they reprint it, will most certainly use the politically correct “people.” My wife and I were talking over the weekend about the presidential race and she said she was fed up with the name calling and was finished with watching any more news coverage about it. I completely understand. However, I don’t have that opti

Don't Confuse Us, Our Minds Are Made Up!

OK, stop with the debates, already. We’ve heard enough arguing, fighting, backstabbing, dick-waving, accusations, lying and rancor. We can’t watch any more debates because we get nightmares and we need our sleep. We will vote for any Republican no matter what. We will vote for a Democrat whether he’s a socialist or she’s a woman. We will vote for a Republican man whether he turns out to be like Benito Mussolini, Adolph Hitler, Hugo Chavez or Silvio Berlusconi. We will vote for a Democrat even if she spends the rest of her life in prison, or if he loves guns and the Second Amendment. And, speaking of guns, our Republican can shoot a person in the middle of Fifth Ave. or make Christianity the

Size Matters

I read a story in the online newspaper The Guardian about a promising college football player who was working with a masseuse to stretch his hands 5/8 of an inch larger to improve his draft possibility. It seems that many professional football mavens feel a larger hand means a player is less likely to drop the ball. The Green Bay Packers were one of the first teams to focus on hand size many years ago and were more than happy with Brett Favre’s big hands until he retired with the most fumbles in the history of the NFL. I’m not wondering about Trump’s tiny hands. Being a golfer, tennis player and swimmer means I’ve been in many men’s locker rooms in my lifetime and I’ve noticed a correlation

An Important Endorsement

Marco Rubio may have Hobby Lobby founder David Green and Ted Cruz may have Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, but former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke’s endorsement of Donald Trump goes to the very heart of the modern Republican Party and what it stands for in 2016. What we’re seeing in Trump is the physical manifestation of the central extreme conservative GOP political philosophy––racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and obstructionism. In short, fear. Donald Trump personifies everything a schoolyard bully will punch a person in the mouth for while the frightened primary voters hide behind him. We are witnessing history on a grand scale. At this point in the campaign, it looks like the end o

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