Trump Can’t Stop

Being a dick, that is. Yes, he said our easily hackable government computer system is vulnerable to Russia, China or “Somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds.” He makes our job so easy, “our” being America’s editorial cartoonists. And speaking of editorial cartoonists, I just spent a week with family and attending the Association Of American Editorial Cartoonists convention at Duke University in Durham, NC, as part of their 2016 Satire Festival. I’ll have more to say about it later, but right now I’m on deadline.

Fish Story

How can Pres. Obama declare areas of the oceans far from our shores national monuments? The Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument is 150 miles south of Cape Cod. Recently, he declared the Papahanaumokuakea ( pronounced papa-oom-mow-mow) Marine National Monument off the coast of Hawaii. It’s 582,578 square miles––almost the size of Alaska––one of the largest protected chunks of Earth. What gives him the right? Well, Pres. Reagan apparently. Back in 1983, Reagan proclaimed through Proclamation No. 5030 that the USA’s Exclusive Economic Zone stretches 200 miles from our shores. All the articles are written from a scientific and environmental point of view and praise the presi

Lithium-ion Ith On My Litht

Yeth, I’m talking about my litht of modern unthafe thingth. Itth all tho confuthing. Firtht of all, lithium ith uthed to treat bi-polar dithorder, but that mutht be a different kind of lithium. Otherwithe, people with bi-polar dithorder could jutht chew on a battery, which doethn’t thound like a good idea. Lithium-ion batterieth, on the other hand, can eckthplode and cauthe a fire. I thuthpect thith ith becauthe manufacturerth are cutting cornerth tho they can thell thier producth cheaply and thtill reap inthane profitth. Thatth what happened with airbagth. Eckthpertth thay the danger comth from overcharging the batterieth. In the meantime, I’m only charging my thell phone when I’m prethen

Let Hillary Be Hillary

That is, secretive, opaque and private. Her doctor diagnosed her with pneumonia on Friday and if she hadn’t nearly collapsed Sunday, we would have never known. Her campaign would’ve continued the story that she had “allergies.” Having said that, I’ll still vote for her before I’d vote for Il Douchebag. She’s sick in the lungs; he’s sick in the head. I’ve said it before that it’s impossible to trust any politician, that what they say means nothing and what they do means everything. Also, give up on transparency. There is no transparency at the high end of power. That’s why politicians write books after they retire to clear the air and explain what really happened. What goes on behind the scen

Artist At Work

Bullshit artist, that is. I may have drawn my last Trump cartoon, the one that sums up his whole campaign. What do I need to say after I’ve said this? I mean, this baby sums it up. Trump says he knows more about ISIS than the United States Army, Air Force and Marine generals–– pure Trump. He says he has a secret plan to defeat ISIS––pure Nixon. He says a lot of things that when you add it all up, it’s my father’s favorite word. Bullshit. Way back in the 1970s, Richard M. Nixon was re-elected president in part because he said he had a secret plan to end the very unpopular Vietnam War. He didn’t, of course, but the we the peeps believed him and swept him into office. Trump would be more fun to

Hate Begets Hate

The Democratic National Convention tried mightily to put a hopeful gloss of love on the electorate this summer. It didn’t stick. Let’s face it, when a political party tries to sell love, they immediately raise the question, “What are you up to, slick?” The Trump campaign, on the other hand, has been about hate from the beginning. The political camps are divided thusly (“thusly” is a word you’ll only see in editorials, academic papers and legal documents.”) The Trump people hate Hillary, LGBTQ, gay rights, gay marriage, unisex bathrooms, liberals, blacks, feminism, Hispanics, Muslims, science, educated folks, civil rights, universal health care, MSNBC and Pres. Obama. The Democrats hate Trump

Strategic Voting

After 50 years of voting for state, local and national politicians, I can say this: Don’t vote your heart, vote your head. Political leadership is unlike any other form of leadership. It’s not a religious exercise; no politician can save us and make sure we meet our maker. We’re not choosing a spouse. We’re not online dating. We’re voting for a civil servant. Being the sheep that we are, we vote for the person we think we’ve figured out, the person we trust, the person who has our back as well as our heart, the person we love. We think. Unless you know the candidate personally, that means well enough that you’ve shared moments in a most intimate way, leave your heart at the door of the polli

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