Maybe Gun Deaths Are Carried By Mosquitos

These gun death numbers keep going up at a rapid rate. The numbers I’m using reflect today, April 28, 2016 before noon. If you check the gun statistics after dinner tonight, they will probably have climbed another notch. And calm down, all you Deadeye Dicks and Dora’s out there. I don’t want your gun. I want universal background checks for starters and tighter gun control in general. And I want the Second Amendment interpreted the way the founders intended. Time to get out the Ouija Board and ask them, “Should we have A-bombs in our homes to combat the firepower of the feds? Should gun owners be required to belong to a well-regulated state militia? Did you think inventors would never improve

Party Rules

Let’s clear up something. Yes, Trump is right about one thing, and one thing only. The primary voting system is a rigged game. It’s been rigged since the beginning. In most states, only members of the party can vote in the primary. It’s reminiscent of Colonial times in New England when only members of the Congregational church could vote. The idea of the primary system is to allow the various political parties, namely the Democrats and Republicans, to decide who they want to put out front the candidate they think can win the White House. And the rules vary from state to state; there’s no standard. There’s no federal law other than the Supreme Court’s ruling that the Constitution protects the

First Black Woman On The $20 Bill

It’s right and fair to remove Andrew Jackson from the front of the $20 bill. He was a racist slave-owner and an ethnic cleanser of Indians. The question begs, why did the Treasury Dept. honor him in the first place? Nobody knows, but if they’re going to put a black woman on a paper bill, certainly they could find someone more appropriate than Harriet Tubman. I mean, what black woman has more $20 bills than almost anyone on Earth? What did Tubman do? Yeah, she worked for the union as an armed spy and a scout during the Civil War. That’s right; she carried a gun. Born a slave, she escaped on the Underground Railroad to Philadelphia, went back to the South to help her brothers and escaped again

Poor Baby!

I’m not a psychiatrist but I play one in Cartoonland. I’ve put many politicians and movie stars on my couch, but no one has taken up as much space in so short a time as Donald Trump. Trump switches gears like the well-oiled narcissus that he is, going between bully and victim in a nanosecond. The important thing for the narcissus is to keep the attention on himself at all times. I have to say that I had to take time off from drawing Trump. I have a low threshold of boredom and I am truly bored with Trump, but that in itself is alarming. It’s like being bored with Hitler. I must never be bored with tyrants. Yesterday was the first really warm, summer-like day in Connecticut, so I played a hea

Whichever Side You Choose, You're Wrong

This is another issue that deeply divides liberals, conservatives and moderates. As a person stuck in the middle and constantly being accused of being a liberal, I say the truth is always quietly out there, as Fox Mulder might say. Scientists are blaming the earthquakes in Oklahoma on fracking; environmentalists say our groundwater is poisoned, too. Political hysteria surrounds the practice today and it’s as confusing as ever. This article from the avowed liberal magazine The Nation says this: Here’s an eye-opening, sober article from probably the least political magazine in publication today, Popular Mechanics: http:/

The Invisible Man

The name of the poem is “Antigonish” by Hughes Means and it goes like this: Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today, I wish, I wish he'd go away... When I came home last night at three, The man was waiting there for me But when I looked around the hall, I couldn't see him there at all! Go away, go away, don't you come back any more! Go away, go away, and please don't slam the door... Last night I saw upon the stair, A little man who wasn't there, He wasn't there again today Oh, how I wish he'd go away...

Feel The Powder Burn

Bernie Sanders, a raging liberal Socialist Democrat, is pro-gun. Say what now? It only makes sense when you understand he represents Vermont in the United States Senate. Vermont has some of the loosest gun laws in the country, if you can call them “laws.” They’re more like advisories, or suggestions. You can actually carry a loaded revolver into a liquor store, or anywhere for that matter, as long as the gun is attached to the outside of your clothes and not tucked into your underpants or bra. Open carry. You’ve heard of it. It’s very popular in many of our backward, uneducated states, the Bible/Gun Belt. It’s not going to help Bernie in the primary in the state where I live, Connecticut. Tw

Unlawful Peeing In North Carolina

An absurd law demands an absurd cartoon. Back in the last century when we the peeps were trying to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, the whole effort was shot down by one rumor, a meme in today’s digital language. Opponents told us that if the ERA passed, we will all have to go to the bathroom together. Separate men’s and women’s bathrooms would be ruled unconstitutional. North Carolina has acted to prevent that horrible state of affairs. Now we’ll need a birth certificate to take a b.m. and a letter from the doctor to take a leak. States and corporations have reacted by boycotting North Carolina. They say the law discriminates against the LGBT community, that they’re going to

UConn! UConn! UConn!

I’m re-visiting a theme I used 16 years ago when UConn’s women’s basketball team won it all. They had won so often by the year 2000––the first championship was 1991––I was running out of ideas. My wife suggested I put a ponytail on the dog logo. That was a different dog then and I haven’t graced the new dog with a ponytail yet, so here it is. Fact is, I could use this image for every game, finals and championship for the near future. They haven’t lost a game since Nov. 17, 2014. Coach Geno Auriemma has built such a powerful program, it’s hard to see what team can unseat them. Oh, it will happen someday. Nothing lasts forever. In a series of interviews a few days before the big game, one of t

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