Going Down

Met Life’s dropping the iconic image of Snoopy is only the beginning of the story. The whole blimp industry is on the brink of collapse because of that little remote-controlled device, the drone. Let’s face it, technology will soon claim another victim in the same way it has devastated the newspaper industry and book stores. One pilot––not the Red Baron––estimates it costs about $20 million dollars for Met Life to run just one blimp for the year. The insurance company has two blimps flying in America, and one in Japan. The blimps cover 70 events every year and take part in a hundred flyovers and visits. It takes two pilots and 12 crew members to run each blimp. Those crew members are engin


The election is rigged. Everyone’s against me. The media is after me, Hillary is nasty to me. The Republican Party is out to get me. Well, that part is true. However, the Republicans brought Trumpanoia on themselves. They’ve been a sick party since the beginning of the Reagan years and most intensely since 2008 when a black man was elected to the White House. Now, they’ve spiraled into the abyss and soon the party will split. The rational Republicans will be fewer in number and weakened, unable to control the House of Representatives and the Senate. It might not happen this year, but it will certainly happen in 2018. The crazy Republicans will follow Trumpanoia into the ditch and will form

Gary Johnson The Man

I expect Gary Johnson to bow out gracefully when he loses, and he will lose. We can be sure of that. It’s a given. What I can tell about Johnson is he’ll ride into the sunset, stoned probably, but we’ll get no trouble from him because he’s a man. And if I’m reading this presidential year correctly, I expect that Il Douchebag will be inciting his supporters to riot when he loses the election by a landslide. He’s already stirring it up. If he doesn’t accept defeat graciously like the man Gary Johnson is, then anything can happen. But I have no reason to think Il Douchebag will go out like a man. He hasn’t done anything yet like a man. He’s a crybaby at best––rising to adolescent sometimes––b

Speaking Of Honest Abe

Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican Party candidate to win the White House. The Grand Old Party was formed because of fear, anger and hate. Fear of a civil war, anger over various pro-slavery laws and hate of that “peculiar institution.” Today, ironically, the party is collapsing because of those emotions, only within a modern context. Fear of terrorism, anger at social advances ––gay marriage, freedom of choice, racial equality, to name a few––and irrational hatred of the Clintons. It all seems so petty. As more news about Il Douchebag’s serial predation with women surfaces, I’m starting to feel sad for his followers. They must really be in a state of mental collapse. They must be so

Trump Clears It Up

The choice in November is clear. Let’s say it’s true that Bill Clinton was a serial groper, sexual predator, adulterer and hummerphile president. Do we want to send another one to the White House in the form of Il Douchebag? And let’s say that it’s true what the deplorables claim, that Hillary hates women. Trump hates women, too, because he’s afraid of them, so those two emotions neutralize each other. And let’s say it’s also true that Il Douchebag is a liar and Hillary is a liar, also two traits that balance each other. What’s left? Well, Il Douchebag himself said it. “She’s a fighter.” That’s exactly what we need. We’ll need a fighter in the Oval Office to get things done the next four y

Stop Clowning Around

I can’t believe the hysteria that’s so close to the surface in this country. I see a combination of the continued aftermath of the 9-11 attacks, the continued random terrorist attacks on our citizens, climate change and the vulgar presidential campaign for whipping our citizens into a frenzy. And now, my friends, it’s scary clowns. Historians will have a field day writing about this time we live in. I’ll help them. 1. The 9-11 attacks changed America from the home of the brave to the home of the scared shitless. The 24-7 cable news industry keeps everyone on edge. Even the weather report for a sunny day tomorrow or news about cute puppies and kittens is broadcast in a most ominous tone of vo

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