The Incredible Shrinking President

I watch and read various news and opinion sources. i.e. the NY Times, New York Post, Washington Post, Breitbart, AP online, The Guardian and many others. Some, I watch and read because I know it reflects my view of the world. Others, I read to get an opposing point of view. From what I read and see, it looks to me like the entire rational world is seeing trump for what he is. To find out what the irrational minority is fretting about, I watch Fox News Channel. Fox uses two simple techniques, denial and changing the subject. That way, their viewers won’t have to deal with anything unpleasant about trump. There are some exceptions, though. Some of the channel’s junkyard dogs are mellowing a bi

Memorial Day

This occurred to me in 2016, that the Republican Party was about to die and split apart because of so many years of hatred, bigotry and a loathsome attitude toward non-whites, non-Christians, females, Democrats and liberals. Then I realized in horror that for the party to die, it had to take the United States of America with it. We’re on the way. The system that screwed us (Electoral College) has to do a U-turn and save us. The courts, Congress, leakers, the it’s up to them.

The Art Part

I have a very low boredom threshold, so I like to play around with different ways to render a cartoon. Once I have my idea, I pretty much draw every cartoon the same way on tracing paper, but rendering it is my personal playground. For the past few months, I’ve been rendering my drawings on plain old legal-size white copy paper. Today, I’m using Borden and Riley “paper for ink” it’s called, but what it is is one-ply, or two-ply Bristol board. It has a smooth, hard finish that takes ink and pen or, in my case with today’s cartoon, Micron markers. It’s thin enough that I can use it on a light box to trace my drawings. After rendering, I scan the art into my computer with Photoshop and add colo

Trump Trip

Well, OK. He hasn’t made a major fuckup. Maybe some minor ones, like saying out loud that he thinks Israel isn’t part of the Mideast. But what I want to know is what did he do, or say, that pissed off Melania to the point that she slapped his hand away from hers twice. I can think of a hundred things, but what are the alternative facts? I have it! He had been eating spareribs and his hands were greasy. Yeah, that must be it.

Manchester, England, England

“Across the Atlantic Sea, and I’m a genius genius. I believe in God and I believe that God believes in Claude, that’s me,” goes the lyrics to a song in the musical “Hair.” I don’t know what God believes in, but the New Testament God doesn’t believe in ISIS, or terrorism, or killing innocent people in his name. The New Testament God is love. The Old Testament God is another matter. My brother-in-law took on the challenge of reading the entire Bible cover to cover. When he finished, he said that the Old Testament God reminded him of George Steinbrenner. Vengeful, vindictive, bad-tempered and just plain nasty. I don’t know what God ISIS worships, but Allah is not on their side. Ask any ration

No Effort

It’s easy to be a Republican these days. All you have to do is: 1. Give up and submit to the will of trump. 2. Ignore news you don’t agree with and then label it fake. 3. Ignore the mainstream, not just news but also of thought, culture and science. 4. Ignore any information that goes against your prejudice or religion. 5. Embrace Russia. Do you have what it takes? A simple mind? Extreme hypocrisy? Hatred of anyone who doesn’t look like you? Call your local Republican Party office today!

Our Man Richie

What is with these trolls like trump who think they’re being insulting by calling a person a child-like nickname like “Richie” for Sen. Richard Blumenthal. Trolls have done it to me too, calling me Bobby. I don’t know about Blumenthal, but my aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins called me “Bobby.” My cousins still do and I’m a grandfather! I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I hear it. It’s family. I’ve been covering Blumenthal for years from way back when he was Connecticut’s Attorney General. Like trump, he’s an expert at attracting TV attention, but for entirely different reasons. In fact, he was on local nightly news so much, I began to call it, “The Nightly Blumenthal Report.” He su

The Plot Sickens

Timing. It’s all about timing. Why did trump fire Comey now? And that letter that trump wrote, what fraud. It’s transparently filled with lies because trump’s base will believe anything, and I mean anything. They are willfully ignorant and delightfully gullible. By the way, I have several opinions that I’m not willing to make public. They involve words and actions that I’ll just keep to myself. In today’s cartoon, I’m taking the high road; that Comey was getting too close to trump and trump had to act. He couldn’t allow his illegitimate presidency to be tarnished further with proof (hard facts and figures-not Kellyanne “alternative” facts) of his involvement with the Russian mafia, i.e. Pu

Vive La Email

Are the French simply smarter than we are? Could be, although we were the first major power hacked by the Russians and we weren’t prepared. The French knew what to expect and were ready for it. We in the United States will have to learn to do the same. Macron’s spokeswoman said in an interview, “The middle class has forgotten how to think.” Let’s try to remember. Make America Think Again. Forty percent of America is ready to believe anything, and I mean ANYTHING. We’ll have to ignore fake news and pirated emails from either party in the 2018 election and every election going forward. Here’s a hint: do what journalists do. When you see a news story, don’t take it at face value. Check it ou


If CBS should ever fire Stephen Colbert for exercising his free speech rights, I’d like to say I’d boycott every product advertised on the show, except for one problem. I already have nothing to do with almost all of his sponsors. My wife and I DVR the show and fast forward through the ads. But, the other night, I took my finger off the arrow and saw what I’d been missing. I counted forty sponsors and I know I missed a few more. IHOP? Forget it. That place is for fat people who want to die young of a heart attack and diabetes. Target? Why would I go there? It’s right next to Costco and I’m a member. T-Mobile? I’m with ATT or Frontier, or whatever the hell it is. Heineken? Don’t like beer.

Foxy Numbers

To hear the alarmist Fox News Channel claim it, they are the most powerful, most watched and wonderful news channel ever. On what do they base this claim? They have as many viewers as MSNBC and CNN combined. Their inference is that they, and they alone, are the popular voice for the vast majority of Americans. Let’s put this in perspective; something that Fox News Channel hates to do. Fox claims that approximately 3.8 million people watch their channel. That’s a lot of people, but on any given evening, the combined number of people watching NBC, ABC and CBS News is over 24 million viewers. Add the totals of MSNBC and CNN and it rises to about 27 million people who do not believe or suppor

Who Is The Right Wing Media?

It cuts across party lines. It’s not about being a Republican, although that party offers the right-wingers a comfortable home mainly because those people won’t be challenged in their thinking. At its core, right wing media is for those people who will submit to an authoritarian voice, or person, who will tell them what to think, what to believe, what to do, who to support and who to trust. Whether it’s a politician or a minister, it makes no difference. A majority of right-wingers believe white male Christians are superior to all other races, religions and women. To be a right winger is to hate two things, abortion (baby killers) and liberals (anyone who is not a right winger.) They are

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