Mexican Standoff

I’m drawing this cartoon with the supposition in mind that Trump will actually go to Mexico and not weasel out at the last moment. With Trump, you never know, so if he changes his mind, let’s just say that this cartoon depicts what MIGHT have happened. The latest ABC/Washington Post poll shows Trump and Hillary are the two most unpopular candidates to run for president in 30 years, beating out Pres. George H. W. Bush’s numbers when he failed to win re-election. This is mostly about trust and the voters don’t trust either candidate. This is a good thing. We the peeps have to stop making trust an issue with politicians. The most important issue is whether we think they can get the job done on

Gene Wilder 1933-2016

I’ve stayed away from drawing obit cartoons since leaving The Courant, although I know people looked forward to them when someone passed away. One woman told me, “I can’t cry until I see your cartoon.” But, I needed a break from what I usually do to find out anew what I LIKE to do, not just what I’m good at. My training is in commercial art, which bends the bow toward making money. Sometimes, chasing a paycheck obscures deepest desires. One of the things I’ve had to do since going freelance is learn to slow down. I know, you’d think nature would do that for me. It may have in many things, but not in the time it takes me to draw a cartoon. As a freelancer when I had my studio in Ft. Wayne, I’

Much Ado Do About Not Much

The best explanation I’ve heard about the kerfuffle involving the pay for play operation at the Clinton Foundation is this: She did nothing illegal. The scandal––if there is one––is in revealing how the system works, and has worked for millennia. It’s called buying influence, something the Republicans are expert at. Think NRA. However, in this case, it’s kind of like the other modern phrase, “no good deed shall go unpunished.” This is one of those rare times when humankind around the world actually benefits from Washington political and financial shenanigans. Usually, these “contributions” go into the politician’s war chest for running for re-election. If you don’t know what the Clinton Foun

Tan! Rested! Republican!

I don’t recall the Republicans complaining when Pres. George W. (Wonder Boy) Bush went on vacation and totally ignored Hurricane Katrina damage in New Orleans. I remember those wonderful videos of him riding his mountain bike and wearing his bicycle helmet. After that, I drew him wearing a bicycle helmet in every cartoon. W took more time off than any other president in history, except for maybe Woodrow Wilson. Wilson had a good reason though. He had a stroke.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Or not. That’s what happened in California. The rain went away for five years in some places and that’s why the Golden State is on fire. A few years ago, the Southeast was in a drought and there was tension among the states in the region caused by low river levels. Some states wanted to draw off water that other states desperately needed. Historically, people have waged war over diminishing natural resources. The debate got pretty heated, but thankfully, it did’t come to that. Too much water in one part of the country and not enough in another is the curse of our climate-changing world. Why can’t we build a system of pipes and pumps throughout the country that can send water where needed? We

Screw The Twitterverse!

Who are these malevolent meatballs living in their parent’s basement? The Twitterverse, that’s who. A bunch of wasted losers who can’t do much of anything, so they criticize those who can. The media encourages these finger-happy hooligans by simply referring to them. “The Internet is not happy,” they say. “Controversy in the Twitterverse!” With all due respect to newscasters everywhere, who gives a shit? Here’s my advice from someone who has gotten more than his share of bullshit from the subterranean trolls and remoras who follow us sharks. If you’re a person who’s doing something remarkable in the public eye and if you’re sensitive, or don't have a thick skin, close your social media accou

...In A Landslide

Yes, it’s true. I don’t care what they say about Hillary; if she killed Vince Foster or started ISIS or is crooked as a coat hanger. Emails, shme-mails. I’d vote for Hillary if she were on death row. That’s right. I’m not throwing my vote away on a third, or fourth party. I’m not writing in Mickey Mouse’s name, or leaving my choice for president blank on the ballot. I’m voting for Hillary because I’m practical. A vote for anyone, or anything else is a vote for Il Douchebag. I’m not defending anything she’s done, or is accused of doing. In fact, I’m looking forward to drawing editorial cartoons about her in spite of the barrage of negative emails and bleats I’ll get from the Twitterverse. Th

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