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This is what I didn't like about the digital world from the very beginning back in the last century. I copied music for years. I used my analog tape recorder and copied vinyl onto tape and duplicated cassettes so I could listen to my favorite music in my car. And then digital CDs came along. I read about the technology and knew that digital was trouble because it could be controlled from afar. If, say, Bruce Springsteen didn't want me to copy "Born To Run," he could program that demand into the code of the CD. Or he could limit the number of times his CD could be copied. Some artists did that and it caused a huge outcry. They stopped, but it is still possible. With analog recordings, it ca

Who Are The Trump Supporters

I am determined to understand how trump's supporters can be loyal to a man who would betray them in a heartbeat for a handful of silver or to stay out of jail. Here's what I can glean so far from trump's base about why they support him: Bottom line first. Extreme conservatives, trump's base, resent feeling ashamed of their deeply held beliefs and patriotic pride. They blame all non-conservatives for making them feel this way when in fact, feelings are self-generated. I'll vary Eleanor Roosevelt's famous quote: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Well, no one can make you feel ashamed unless you know deep inside that you've done something, or have a belief you consider s

Body Snatchers

Forty percent. Almost half the country thinks that trump is doing a good job. Who are these people? They're our family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. What do they see that the other 54 percent don't? And how can six percent not have made up their minds? Hey, this is America, post Russian takeover. You're either on the bus or off. I think the problem right now is that it's a question of trump compared to who? OK, autocorrect insists on "whom." Nobody has officially declared their intention or been nominated by either party. The challenger, who––"whomever"––it is is all speculation. The list of names we’ve read so far is not reflecting reality. Also, when trump is challenged in a Republic

Porn Storm

Having done extensive photographic and literary research on Stormy Daniels, aka Stephanie Clifford, aka MILF No. 1, aka trump concubine No. 576, I've concluded that trump has canoodled...er...colluded with her concurrently while conjoined in holy matrimony with his wife, Melania. My conclusion about collusion and canoodling is supported by facts that will be released soon, thus concluding the case. Stay tuned to "60 Minutes" next week when the confounding conclusion to the Stormy Daniels/David Dennison/DD/trump canoodling collusion scandal will air. And, yes, we are having fun.

Limp Members

In 2016 when I saw that the end of the Republican Party (1854-2018ish) was upon us, I quickly saw that in order for the GOP to die, it had to take down the United States with it, but then I saw how our system would save our non-party citizens and our way of life. That's what's happening right now. The GOP is doing its level best to destroy itself and America by basically not doing anything. Mitch McConnell, Devon Nunes, Paul Ryan and their fellow travelers are typical of the limp members of the Republican Congress either wittingly or unwittingly complacent in the country's demise. Example A: They are doing nothing to protect us from the continued assault on our elections and democracy coming

One Dis Deserves Another

I don't usually do a cartoon about the White House spokesperson, whoever it might be, but Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been so completely disrespectful to the White House press corps, it's time. Nothing personal; it's my duty. Every person who disses the press must understand they are dissing us, you and me. The press is the medium between the newsmaker or their representatives and the news consumer. If a newsmaker or their representative can't be respectful to the medium, then they should find another line of work, and let's face it, the only institution that's saving us right now is the free press whether it's conservative, mainstream or liberal. The FBI works under threat from the Executive

Stormy Weather

I'm a regular watcher of Lawrence O'Donnell's "Last word" on MSNBC. Stormy Daniels's lawyer was a guest the other night and they talked about the specifics of her lawsuit against trump. They covered many things but one of the items was “all private information relating to or pertaining to Donald Trump, including… paternity information.” Paternity information? That never occurred to me, the possibility that one or some of his girlfriends might've had an abortion. I wonder what Tony Perkin's craven and morally corrupt branch of the evangelical movement would say about that. Never mind, I know the answer as soon as I thought of the question. They'd say whatever they had to to keep their prejudi

Putin Knows

Here's what Putin has figured out about the United States of America: 1. We'll believe anything. 2. We're scared shitless. 3. We'll do anything for money. 4. Loyalty to our tribe is stronger than our loyalty to our country. 5. The pursuit of happiness is stronger than the pursuit of liberty. 6. We'll deny to our destruction that 1 through 5 are not true.

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