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What's Next? Their Mothers?

We are what we believe. After years of encouragement from hate-mongering radio and TV hosts, the hardcore, primary voting, 2016 Republicans have become the wing of the party of pure prejudice. Don’t confuse them them with the facts, their minds are made up. This is why any new information that would be damaging to any rational GOP political candidate doesn’t affect Trump’s poll numbers. His supporters are prejudiced beyond redemption and cannot, or will not change.

I don’t know how his political nonsense will hurt Trump’s business. I know I will never spend even one of my dollars on any of his empire’s businesses, not a golf course, hotel, or knickknack. Thankfully, it’s easy enough to avoid. I mean, he’s not General Electric. I watched his apprentice TV show early on to see what it was about and became quickly bored. I quickly saw the buffoon that he was. I never watched the celebrity version, although I heard enough about it on the tube because the TV network powers’ lips were then, as they are now, planted on Trump’s back pocket where he keeps his wallet.

Today, America looks stupid and dangerous to the rest of the world. Trump’s people see that as progress. In the past, the world regarded us as quaint, a bit backward, a friend with strings attached, a bit of a rube, but charming. And now? The psychotic next door filled with hatred and fear. And armed to the teeth.

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