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The Kids Are All Right

Young Brits voted to stay in the EU, old people wanted out. That is to say old, frightened people, the same kind of person who supports Trump, the tea party, the conservatives and much of the Republican party.

The terrified geezers here, as in the United Kingdom, will decide how brave young people will live, possibly for generations, if they win in November. I hope young people in this country have taken the British vote to heart. Organize, register and get out the vote.

Trump is right about one thing, the system is rigged and the Republicans rigged it. Redistricting (aka gerrymandering) has stacked the deck in favor of old, white, conservative Republicans. Those who are not afraid and have not been beaten by terrorists must let love of country dominate over hatred of Hillary. Bernie’s not going away either, and he admitted he will vote for Clinton.

Last year, I said two things before the campaigns announced their intentions. Thing one, whoever runs for president in both parties will be deeply flawed. Thing two, that I would be a yellow dog Democrat voter in 2016, that I would vote for a yellow dog if it was a Democrat before I’d vote for a Republican. Nothing has happened to change my mind.

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