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What do you get when you mix extreme religion with extreme politics? The 2016 Republican Party platform. I’m happy that Americans who are scared shitless have found a home. They have a place to exclaim without shame their fear and hatred of anyone not like them. These are the people who confuse intelligence with cowardice. A bully shall lead them. Reason and discernment have no place in their lives. Smart people are their enemy, and by smart people, I mean anyone who understands that the universe is billions of years old and that Jesus did not have a pet dinosaur.

Those of us who read, listen and watch the news on any TV station other than Fox News Channel are not afraid. Those of us who reject the phony alarms and fraud of conservative radio programs are not afraid. Those of us who limit our exposure to hyperbolic 24-7 “breaking news” are not afraid. And, guess what, we’re still in the majority. We’re concerned for our country, yes––as always––but is the end near? No. Are these the final days? Maybe for Pat Robertson but no, not for the rest of us.

The Republican platform is against science, Muslims, the environment, unions, LGBTQ, freedom of choice, immigrants, reasonable taxes, and women. The “GOP” nickname is handy for editorial cartoon labels, but it’s time to stop calling it the Grand Old Party in polite conversation. There’s nothing grand about it anymore.


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