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Gary Johnson The Man

I expect Gary Johnson to bow out gracefully when he loses, and he will lose. We can be sure of that. It’s a given. What I can tell about Johnson is he’ll ride into the sunset, stoned probably, but we’ll get no trouble from him because he’s a man. And if I’m reading this presidential year correctly, I expect that Il Douchebag will be inciting his supporters to riot when he loses the election by a landslide. He’s already stirring it up. If he doesn’t accept defeat graciously like the man Gary Johnson is, then anything can happen. But I have no reason to think Il Douchebag will go out like a man. He hasn’t done anything yet like a man. He’s a crybaby at best––rising to adolescent sometimes––but never a man. Bill Maher calls him a “whiney little bitch.” Inciting a riot is a crime, so, folks, when the trouble starts and the Trumpists follow his every command, get ready to chant. Say it with me now: Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!

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