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The election is rigged. Everyone’s against me. The media is after me, Hillary is nasty to me. The Republican Party is out to get me. Well, that part is true. However, the Republicans brought Trumpanoia on themselves. They’ve been a sick party since the beginning of the Reagan years and most intensely since 2008 when a black man was elected to the White House. Now, they’ve spiraled into the abyss and soon the party will split. The rational Republicans will be fewer in number and weakened, unable to control the House of Representatives and the Senate. It might not happen this year, but it will certainly happen in 2018. The crazy Republicans will follow Trumpanoia into the ditch and will form a new party featuring everything but the white sheets with his orangeness at the helm. They’ve added Muslims and Mexicans to their list of things they’re against: abortion, gay rights, civil rights, liberals, etc., etc., etc. Meanwhile, a new movement is starting based on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ ideas. I think it has a chance to become a practical and powerful party if they can find a youngish, charismatic leader who can appeal to people across the demographic divide. I don’t have anyone in mind, but somebody’s out there rising. This is a new era, folks, an exciting time to be alive.

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