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Who Are The Trump Supporters

I am determined to understand how trump's supporters can be loyal to a man who would betray them in a heartbeat for a handful of silver or to stay out of jail. Here's what I can glean so far from trump's base about why they support him:

Bottom line first. Extreme conservatives, trump's base, resent feeling ashamed of their deeply held beliefs and patriotic pride. They blame all non-conservatives for making them feel this way when in fact, feelings are self-generated. I'll vary Eleanor Roosevelt's famous quote: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Well, no one can make you feel ashamed unless you know deep inside that you've done something, or have a belief you consider shameful in your heart of hearts.

The trump supporters may have made the wrong choices in life, receive too much information they can't process or feel the deck is stacked against them. They will not believe that trump has done anything illegal, traitorous or unethical. Their fears are many, so they latch onto the bully's protection not knowing he ultimately is a coward.

They are willing to destroy the present social, economic and political order of the United States of America with a charlatan who pretends to be "one of them" who says he will restore what they believe is their rightful place of leadership even though the majority of the population is against them. That's truly worthy of shame.

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