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This is what I didn't like about the digital world from the very beginning back in the last century. I copied music for years. I used my analog tape recorder and copied vinyl onto tape and duplicated cassettes so I could listen to my favorite music in my car.

And then digital CDs came along. I read about the technology and knew that digital was trouble because it could be controlled from afar. If, say, Bruce Springsteen didn't want me to copy "Born To Run," he could program that demand into the code of the CD. Or he could limit the number of times his CD could be copied. Some artists did that and it caused a huge outcry. They stopped, but it is still possible.

With analog recordings, it can't be controlled or monitored. Digital can be monitored, recorded, saved, shared with the FBI, the Russians, Amazon, Walgreens...well, you see what's going on today. Our very communicating lives are being saved and used to sell us shit we don't need and to track our preferences. And if a recent "X Files" episode is a warning, it can get much worse.

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