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Who's "We"?

“We” are the people who are fed up with gun violence in America. Look, I’ve read many online opinions about the Bundys and the self-styled “militias” and one opinion stands out. I agree that anyone who takes up armed rebellion against the United States should be arrested and tried for treason in a court of law.

These so-called militias are not unique to the West. They can be found all over. They do not represent a large number of Americans. In fact, the townspeople near the Malhheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregan want the Bundy crowd to vamoose.

Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence said that a people have the right to overthrow their government every now and then. Without the power of the people, that rebellion will go nowhere.

Those crackpot “militias” can only hope that they could reach the numbers needed to do something like that, not to mention be able to match the fire power of the U.S. Army.

No, these militias are motivated to take land that belongs to us, the citizen taxpayer, in order to not pay taxes, to set themselves up as being exceptional with a phony nobility. They are not. They’re common disgruntled thugs, bullies and just plain bad neighbors hoping to use small arms fire to bring down the United States government, commonly known as We The People. Wait, is that a B-52 I hear flying overhead?


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