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UConn! UConn! UConn!

I’m re-visiting a theme I used 16 years ago when UConn’s women’s basketball team won it all. They had won so often by the year 2000––the first championship was 1991––I was running out of ideas. My wife suggested I put a ponytail on the dog logo. That was a different dog then and I haven’t graced the new dog with a ponytail yet, so here it is. Fact is, I could use this image for every game, finals and championship for the near future. They haven’t lost a game since Nov. 17, 2014. Coach Geno Auriemma has built such a powerful program, it’s hard to see what team can unseat them. Oh, it will happen someday. Nothing lasts forever. In a series of interviews a few days before the big game, one of the women’s coaches at a rival school said to enjoy it while it lasts. We are.

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