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Time For A Movement

I took a Trump Dump yesterday. That’s right, I extruded from my economy a person I’ve been doing business with for years because he and his friends have the same attitude as Trump. In the past, I’d tolerate him and laugh behind his back at his absurdity but did business with him because of his skills. Not anymore. I came to realize on this bright, warm spring day that that kind of tolerance has given rise to Trump and his Republican minions. I took my money to one of his competitors instead.

I’m certain that the majority of American voters will take a Trump Dump in the fall, but the movement has to go beyond politics. It has to involve businesses owned by people who nurture the hatred that is at the core of GOP right-wing extremism. But I warn against confronting such people as you will arouse the fascist hatred that controls them. That fascist hatred might be directed at you. Instead, just turn around and leave. Take your business elsewhere.

I’ve never been involved in a boycott before. I’ve thought that a boycott hurts the little guy, the man or woman behind the cash register, or stocking the shelves late at night. But I don’t feel right about supporting a business owned by a Trumpist. The money I’m giving him or her just might be passed along to Trump as a campaign contribution. I’d never forgive myself.

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