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Ho Hum Trump

OK, I get it. There’s no limit to Trump’s insanity. I don’t need to see another one of his live press conferences, interviews or speeches on the Boob Tube. I can only hope he’s sufficiently ruined his career across the board.

The last rat bastard to come out of New York City on a scale not even close to this was Leona Helmsley––”The Queen of Mean”––and he makes her look like Cinderella’s fairy godmother.

Trump will continue to rule on cable news because it fits their low budget, lazy programming. They can spend 24 hours on one of his asinine comments without lifting a finger on real journalism. I think the voting public knows that Trump is supported by about five percent of the people because in a mass population of human beings, there will be about five percent douche bags, jerk-offs, racists, and dick heads; it’s a numbers game. As the population grows, the number of piss ants will grow too, but the percentage will stay the same.

So, let us not fear the future of this great country, which is great now and will be great in the future. Let us be solemn about the death of a once great party that lost its way. After all, it gave us Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. It also learned a great lesson.

The “Southern Strategy” was the start of a series of fatal mistakes ending with Fox News Channel and Rush Limbaugh. A party built around hate and fear will not last long.

As for Trump, I will fight him online and in print. I shall fight him on the seas and oceans. I shall fight on the beaches. I shall fight on the landing grounds. I shall fight in the fields and in the streets. I shall fight in the hills. I shall never surrender. And now, I’m going to have a nice cigar. A Churchill.

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