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Campaign Slogan: Don’t Be A Dick! Vote For Hillary!

First, she’s the “first presumptive female candidate of a major American political party.” Soon she’ll be the “first nominated female candidate of a major American political party.” I’m saving my “first” cartoon for when she’s the first female president-elect in November, which she will be. I’ll draw a “first female president” cartoon when she’s sworn in.

I hope Bernie’s peeps will help the cause. The hate I heard––and still hear––coming from the Sanders crew was as vitriolic as anything coming from the Trump campaign. I vowed I’d be a yellow-dog Democrat in 2016 and I’m happy with the choice. I would’ve been as happy with Bernie. Voters hate to hear that their vote for one person is a vote for someone else, as in a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton, but it’ll become an issue as we get closer to Nov. 8.

I hope the Dems heal their division and are prepared to get out the vote. They have a stellar opportunity to take back Congress and steer the Supreme Court away from that conservative junkyard of bad opinions.

Someone once described Nazi Germany as “all the wrong people were in power.” Gerrymandering and Republican dirty tricks can put the wrong people in power in America, too. I’m trusting the good will and intelligence of the people will save us from fascism and plain old stupidity. Trump says the American people are afraid. Yes, of him.

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