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Bullshit artist, that is. I may have drawn my last Trump cartoon, the one that sums up his whole campaign. What do I need to say after I’ve said this? I mean, this baby sums it up. Trump says he knows more about ISIS than the United States Army, Air Force and Marine generals–– pure Trump. He says he has a secret plan to defeat ISIS––pure Nixon. He says a lot of things that when you add it all up, it’s my father’s favorite word. Bullshit.

Way back in the 1970s, Richard M. Nixon was re-elected president in part because he said he had a secret plan to end the very unpopular Vietnam War. He didn’t, of course, but the we the peeps believed him and swept him into office. Trump would be more fun to watch if there weren’t so many people caught up in his fantasy. I just can’t believe that the majority of American registered voters are plain stupid enough to put that orange-headed fraud into the White House. It’s bad enough that he has enough support to start his own cable TV network, and don’t think he won’t. Say goodbye to Fox News Channel and hello TrumpTV.

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